More than R $ 500 thousand in fines for fire occurrences are applied in the AM in the first half

The egregious champion is the city of Manacapuru, where Ipaam inspectors recorded 21 tax assessments.
26/07/2016 15h42 - Updated 27/07/2016 08h05
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In the first half of this year, the Institute of Amazonas Environmental Protection (Ipaam) applied a total of R $ 541.402,68 in fines for illegal environmental activities associated with the occurrence of fires in 10 Amazon municipalities: Autazes, Barcelos, Careiro, Iranduba, Manacapuru, Manaus, Presidente Figueiredo, Rio Preto da Eva, San Sebastian Uatumã and Santa Isabel do Rio Negro.

The egregious champion is Manacapuru, where Ipaam inspectors recorded 21 tax assessments totaling R $ 119.688,28 fines imposed several offenders. Next comes Manaus, with eight notices of violation and R $ 77.271,40 in accumulated fines.

In the same period were recorded 1.501 fires in the Amazon, an increase in June, beginning of the dry season or "Amazonian summer".

Burned to combat surveillance actions include not only the use of fire in vegetation, but illegal environmental activities associated with the occurrence of fires such as, deforestation (unauthorized vegetation removal), madeira transport, firewood, charcoal, possession and use of chainsaws, charcoal production, timber and ceramic industries etc.. Situations occur in places as distant communities, farms and illegal logging.

The work is carried out by inspectors Ipaam, with support agencies and partner agencies, among them the Amazon Military Police, the Fire Department, Ibama, Federal Highway Police, Municipal Environment.

"We are working in an integrated manner so that all the programs that the State Government has to the area of ​​the environment are made with ease. The environmental issue is very large and serious. The population is the tax law first and can make this campaign works out, informing your neighbor or your family that procedures of this nature cause damage to the health of us all ", said the chief executive of Ipaam, Ana Aleixo.

In the first half of 2016 actions focused on municipalities in the metropolitan area and adjacent. For or second half of 2016, the shares will continue in areas already mentioned, but it will be given special attention to the South region of the State.

"Environmental monitoring of fighting fires, in 2016 feature, priority, municipalities and higher incidence regions of hot spots in 2015 and those with the highest number of registered complaints, highlighting the metropolitan region of Manaus and the State of the South ", He stressed the Ipaam Inspection Manager, Rodrigo Tacioli Serafini.

The IPAAM gets burned complaints and other environmental offenses by telephone (92) 2123-6715/6729 or directly on the body.

environmental education campaign
The awareness campaign "You are also responsible - Say no to fire", performed by technicians Ipaam, It is through the municipalities of Urucurituba, Itacoatiara, Rio Preto da Eva, Manacapuru, Caapiranga until the first week of August.

The work includes leafleting, distribution of posters, approaches and lectures in schools, urban and rural communities, It is being done in conjunction with the departments of environment and education of the Amazon interior municipalities.

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