Mara Gabrilli: 'Romario exchanged vote on impeachment by post’

Gabrilli states that the appointment of the Rosinha Adefal to the Secretariat of Persons with Disabilities was an agreement with the Planalto Palace.
04/07/2016 17h02 - Updated 4/07/2016 17h04
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Mrs Mara Gabrilli said that the appointment of former Deputy Rosinha of Adefal for the Secretary of People with Disabilities, published on Monday (20) in the Official Gazette, was a Planalto Palace agreement with Senator Romario Faria.

No stop words, Mara said that the appointment was a Planalto Palace agreement with Senator Romario in exchange for his vote on impeachment of Rousseff.

Says Mara Gabrilli:

- Romario changed the vote on impeachment for this position. He, that says honest, You are making the most rotten game of politics. He did bargaining vote. After publicly say it could vote for Dilma, It was the Plateau, He met with the president Temer and asked the office. Soon after, As a reward, indicated it becomes secretary.

Mara also calls into question the involvement of Romario to the cause of people with disabilities:

- He is a militant because it has a daughter with Down syndrome. But it is not a technical militant, It has in-depth knowledge of the subject. When you ask something to him, he does not know. Romario uses the cause of people with disabilities to self-promotion.

Mara also takes aim at Michel Temer:

- By accepting this kind of game, President shows little sensitivity to the cause of people with disabilities. It is unfortunate.

Mara, wheelchair and militant of the cause of people with disabilities, example of Romario, He had indicated the journalist Flavia Cintra, but he was already supporting another militant, Marco Pellegrini, for or charge.

Source: The globe

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