Maranhão secretary resigns and announces that election in the House will be on 14

The Thursday (14) It was the choice of interim President of the Chamber, Waldir Maranhão.
08/07/2016 13h08 - Updated 8/07/2016 13h08
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The date of the election of a new Speaker of the House of Representatives to be returned 14 July, unlike what was announced by the college of leaders at the end of the day yesterday. The Thursday (14) It was the choice of interim President of the Chamber, Waldir Maranhão (PP-MA), early afternoon, before the leaders meet and shortly after Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ) He announced he was stepping down. "I had made the decision to do so on Thursday and will be", reiterated today, when entering his office.

The decision of the leaders created deadlock over the date, but also ended up causing the dismissal of the Bureau General Secretary (SGM) the House, Silvio Avelino, who participated in the discussion among parliamentarians. Clerk of the House, Avelino already commanded by 15 years the Department of Chamber Commissions, We arrived at the SGM with the wedge election. Maranhão did not respond now has a new name. Avelino explained that was called in the early morning in the president's office to hear the decision.


"He's the president. I can only abide by the decision and expect a stocking in the House ", said. In the conversation, Maranhão stated discomfort with the permanence of Silvio Avelino in the office and explained that the House passes a more political momentum than technical. Regarding the meeting, Avelino said that the college of leaders is a regimental body that "did what he should have done. Convened a special meeting that is within their competence, independent of the president ", said.

The lack of consensus caused an unusual move on Friday in the House, when the corridors and halls are emptied. Today, several lawmakers took turns giving statements about the impasse and the future. With the arrival of Maranhão, some members - including, Julio Delgado, Alessandro Molon, Rodrigo Maia, Pauderney Avelino and Heraclitus Fortes - entered the room of the presidency to try an agreement on the next steps.


The 1st secretary of the House, Deputy Beto Mansur, anticipated today (8) who will try to consider and reach agreement. He attended the meeting of leaders and ensured that everything went on schedule by the Internal Regulations. He said he will argue that the choice of the day 12 close to the election of the new Speaker of the House to be received. "We have to talk to Maranhão because the college of leaders is sovereign. We are inside the parliament. It seems children fight. The country is very problem to be solved ", he said.

Despite the statement, Members who are not under the umbrella of the governing coalition to the interim president Michel Temer say, the meeting, there was no agreement with a sufficient number of leaders to beat hammer on the date of the new mayor election.


"The president Waldir Maranhao not omitted. He published the act with day, time and place and then the college of leaders meets to override the president's decision [interim] in a meeting that was not enough?”, He asked the deputy Júlio Delgado, which it classified as "natural" the dismissal of Silvio Avelino, General Secretary of the Board, for participating and sanctioned the meeting. for Delgado, there is a clear intention of bringing forward the election to "try to make a president who can protect longer Eduardo Cunha", he accused.

Cunha awaiting a decision of the Commission of Constitution and Justice (CCJ) the House that analyzes feature that asks for the processing of his impeachment process to be reviewed. The commission had meeting scheduled for next Monday (11) to start the debate and vote on the future of the PMDB, but the meeting was canceled by the President of the CCJ, deputy Osmar Serraglio, after Cunha introduced an amendment calling for the return of the case to the Board of Ethics, claiming that his resignation ceased council motivation to ask cancellation of mandate.

Alessandro Molon said it is already gathering signatures to keep the meeting on Monday, day 11. "The cancellation of the session and return to the Ethics Council are unacceptable. The addition is antirregimental. Cunha is responding to the process to be deputy. The process is not a departure from the presidency of the House ", said.

Ally Cunha, Deputy Carlos Marun rejected the accusations and said that the intention of maneuvering comes from the opposite side. "They want to macular Maranhão continue at home until August to harm the government Temer. What we have here is a movement for not election. It's a maneuver. The regiment has to be respected ", said.

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