Marcelo Castro is chosen only the PMDB candidate for presidency of the Chamber

After more than an hour closed-door meeting, Health former minister was chosen.
12/07/2016 12h01 - Updated 12/07/2016 12h01
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After more than an hour closed-door meeting, PMDB chose the deputy and former Minister of Health, Marcelo Castro (PI), to be the only party candidate in the election for president of the Chamber of Deputies, after the resignation of Eduardo Cunha, that is the legend.

Castro won 28 votes and won the current president of Comisssão Constitution and Justice (CCJ), Osmar Serraglio (PR), in the second round of voting. Total, were 46 voters. Oh PMDB, which has the most seats of the House, has 66 members.

Congressman Fábio Ramalho (PMDB-MG) It had already registered for the race. With today's decision, the guidance is that it remove the application.

Early, the chief minister of the Civil House, Eliseu Padilha, he said today (12) "The government works with the idea of ​​the base have a single candidate" for the presidency of the Chamber of Deputies.

"We are working in order to have a single candidate. It is possible to construct [only candidate]. You do not have that we create the possibility of having any scratch on the base. We have the project of a new Brazil and the new Brazil goes through we be able to have the House the basis that we have today. We can not take risks ", the minister said.


The climate around the new command of the House is fiercer after opposition parties announced a meeting in the PT leadership in the early afternoon. Dilma's party decided not to support the name of Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), which can be the twelfth candidate to officially register. Maia is touted as an alternative to more names linked to Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ), but dismissed the PT Maia, because he voted in favor of Dilma's impeachment.

Confirmation of the Mayan name in dispute could lead to a possible split in the allied base Michel Temer. "Temer called me to exchange ideas, but never to declare support me or sympathy to other candidates ", said Rodrigo Maia. In an interview this morning, Maia said that the election will be decided vote by vote and said the candidates will have to seek and win every support in the House.

According to the deputy, the new mayor needs to seek a dialogue environment and pacify the House. "We have to return to the full sovereignty of the votes", he defended.

Similarly Maia policy line, is Roger Rosso (PSD-DF) which was the tenth to register candidacy last night (11). Lider do PSB, Rosso led the Committee on Impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff and is seen as a favorite, among government, to win the election.


Applications can be registered until noon tomorrow (13), same day as the first round of voting occurs. As the number of candidates is large and each will have 10 minutes to express in plenary, House advisers estimate that the first round be extended until midnight. Under the agreement signed yesterday (11) by party leaders, there will be an interval of one hour to the start of the second round. In a possible second round, the dispute will be decided according to the following criteria: more mandates and older parliamentary.

Today, the first to register candidacy was the deputy Evair Vieira de Melo (PV-ES) who is deputy leader of the legend and is in the first term. Deputy Heraclitus Fortes (PSB-PI), which was the sixth official to his name, he said today (12) withdrawing intended application. Strong should support the miner named Julius Delgado, the same party.

Source: Agency Brazil

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