Melo reinforces importance of ZFM by the Minister of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services

The governor emphasized the importance of investments in primary sectors of the new Sustainable Economic Blueprint for the development of the Amazon economy.
15/07/2016 16h30 - Updated 16/07/2016 12h07
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During the 274th Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors of Suframa (CASE), this Friday, 15 July, Governor Jose Melo emphasized by the Minister of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services (MDIC), Marcos Pereira, the importance of investment in primary sectors of the new Sustainable Economic Blueprint for the development of the Amazon economy. The meeting took place in the auditorium of the local authority, not Industrial District, and consolidated the minister's commitment to socio-economic development projects in the Manaus Free Trade Zone (ZFM).

In his speech, Governor Jose Melo stressed that sectors such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and minerals need to be driven to bring socio-economic growth alternatives. He also stressed that is currently working for the Basic Productive Process (PPBs) important segments are treated with more attention for the benefit of ZFM.

“We are taking progressive steps today, because in a short time we managed to unlock the BPPs motorcycles, who for years anchored in our Industrial Pole, ophthalmic lenses and coffee maker. Or next we're trying to be or tablets that, so when the minister back to Brasilia, will sign. We will also work PPB Led lamp, where the largest producer of this material is that the Chinese industry was reunited with us and have interest to come here. We still have the issue of sunglasses, because Brazil imports 4 million of this material and we produce only 10%. Therefore, we now have partners committed to the growth of the Manaus Free Zone ", he said.

In this construction phase of the new Economic Matrix, Governor José Melo takes another important step in search of investments abroad. This coming week, Governor goes to Washington, US us, try to raise funds in the order of US $ 350 million from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (BIRD).

"As the Federal Government has opened new opportunities for States to contribute new resources, we are going to the World Bank to address the issue of a loan to do investment with the new model of New Sustainable Economic Matrix. The state must contribute these investments to promote this structure that will provide a decent growth in our economy with the raw material of our forest ", commented.

Commitment - This was the first visit of the Minister Marcos Pereira to State, before the press, of Suframa servers and representatives of the three powers, He said it would give priority attention to the Amazon.

"When I took over the ministry determined that the work be conducted expeditiously, pragmatism and proactivity. I did not see the Amazon under pressure, but I came with great pleasure and, as far as possible, I commit to attend all meetings of the Board of Directors of Suframa. Let's take a special look at the Amazon because Brazil is going through here and that attention will be given to the Amazon deserves ".

The Minister also announced the launch of the Public Calling Notice to target new coordinating institutions of Priority Programs ZFM, under the Committee of Research Activities and Development of the Amazon (CAPDA). "The purpose of this public call is to focus resources on two programs, Digital Economy, Biotechnology and training of intellectual capital. The programs were delayed for more than 10 years and no real interest companies, and this new edict will modernize processes, because we will create a new ecosystem of research and development ".

Employment and income
In this 274th meeting of the CAS were approved 44 industrial projects and services, nine of deployment and 36 diversification, expansion and upgrade. The projects estimated total investment of US $ 252.473 million and fixed US $ 83.844 millions, as well as the generation of 820 jobs in the Industrial Pole of Manaus, within three years. The project with the highest investment agenda is the company Positivo Informática S.A., for the manufacture of data capture terminal (commercial transactions), with total investment of US $ 61,9 millions.

In addition to the resolution of the projects on the agenda, Minister Marcos Pereira launched two federal programs developed by MDIC: The Brazil More Productive and National Exporter Culture Plan (PNCE). The Brazil More Productive program is an action focused on improving the production process and aims to increase by at least 20% productivity three thousand industrial enterprises that will be met in the country.

The PNCE will offer the productive sector training tools, consulting and business intelligence, in order to boost the Brazilian economy through exports. No Amazon, PNCE the actions have been developed for at least, six months. The inaugural milestone was the establishment, in January, the Steering Committee of the Amazon PNCE, with Suframa front coordination. Near 72 companies are already being followed by the program in the state, with emphasis on micro and small companies that market products with regional raw materials.

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