fiscal target may have 'toll' of R $ 2,4 billion

Senator Wellington Fagundes wants to impose invoice for approval of the text, including funding for parliamentary amendments.
12/07/2016 07h08 - Updated 12/07/2016 17h35
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A joint commanded by the general rapporteur of the Budget Guidelines Law (LDO) from 2017, Senator Wellington Fagundes (PR-MT), wants to impose the government acting president Michel Temer invoice for $ 2,4 billion in increased spending for Congress to approve the fiscal target 2017. On the other hand, a nod to the government, Fagundes left open in its opinion the possibility of the executive is worth next year's return of the CPMF as an option to increase revenue.

In its opinion, presented on Monday, 11, the rapporteur raised the predictive capabilities for two budget items. The first invoice refers to the elevation of approximately R $ 1,6 billion in expenditure on amendments to the Budget presented by the parliamentary groups and the government whose resources can not block (calls impositive amendments). The rapporteur wants to increase their value of R $ 4,8 billion to R $ 6,4 billion. Also rose from one to two the number of amendments that each unit of the Federation may indicate in works.

In another invoice, Fagundes proposed a correction of R $ 800 million in the resources used by the government to compensate the states for the exemption of ICMS exports, provided for in Law Kandir. currently, this amount is R $ 1,9 billion per year. The rapporteur admits that the two initiatives are important to the Joint Budget Committee (CMO) and the floor of Congress support the new fiscal target, amended last week to a deficit of R $ 139 billion. "It is a fundamental agenda to approve the report", He admitted to Broadcast, news in real time the State Group, Fagundes, who have not yet decided their vote on the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff away.

The rapporteur said Temer asked him to present the opinion of the LDO 2017 in time to be voted at least in the CMO. Interlocutors President in Congress consider essential that this approval occurs this week. But they admit the difficulties since the attention of the House is facing the succession of Eduardo Cunha. The tendency is to consider the proposal only in August.

‘Plano D’. In its opinion, Fagundes kept the prediction that the government may raise R $ 33 billion with the CPMF next year. The forecast was contained in the first version of the LDO design 2017, sent in April by President Dilma Rousseff. The rapporteur, who argued that tax and classified as "effective", cautioned that to come into force the proposed amendment to the Constitution which deals with the check tax return has to be approved by the vote of the Budget 2017.

Between allies of Congress, CPMF is treated as "Plan D" - in an interview with state, Minister of Finance, Henrique Meirelles, said that, to ensure extra revenue of R $ 55 billion, Plan A is to control costs, B is privatization, or C, tax increase.

The rapporteur has also included in its opinion that the works over 50% execution will release resources priority - strategy advocated by President of the Senate, Renan Calheiros.

Fagundes also said that there may be a possible extension of time for individuals and companies to make accession to the repatriation of funds abroad next year, as a way to increase or contribution of resources.

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