Half of the nearly R $ 100 million that the Andrade Gutierrez gave the PT was bribe, says former president

Andrade Gutierrez is one of the largest donor campaigns and parties. The PT was the most benefited party, R $ 39,3 millions.
02/07/2016 11h12 - Updated 3/07/2016 14h39
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The former director of Andrade Gutierrez Otavio Azevedo Marques said in its award-winning tipoff that the approximately R $ 94 million that the company donated to the PT, between 2009 e 2014, near 40% a 50% were kickbacks for contracts in the federal government. The source would be the Petrobras contracts, the works of the plants of Belo Monte, no stop, and Creek 3, in the river, World Cup stadiums, among others.

"Donations to PT 2009 a 2014 R $ 94 millions, estimating the deponent R $ 40 million was kickback ", said Azevedo, in his plea bargaining closed with the Attorney General's Office. "The tuition fee of R $ 40 million is estimated, It may have been between R $ 38 million and R $ 48 millions."

Andrade Gutierrez is one of the largest donor campaigns and parties. In 2014, it was the second largest donor, with transfers of R $ 93,6 millions. The PT was the most benefited party, R $ 39,3 millions.

Researchers at the Lava Jato proved that money corruption discovered in Petrobras supplied the party boxes. The official donations to the subtitles and the campaigns were used as money laundering mechanism. In Curitiba, the task force of the Attorney prepares civil actions to trigger the Justice parties involved. Prosecutors failed to Andrade's largest leniency agreement ever made in Lava Jato, the contractor will pay $ 1 billion for involvement in fraud in public procurement.

In his award-winning tipoff, former President of Andrade gave details about the millionaire hit with fees PT, the frequent charges made by former treasurer of the party Joao Vaccari Neto and the ratio of payments to group interests in contracts with the federal government.

kickbacks retroactive. "In 2008, concerning the donation campaign, Flávio Machado (executive and whistleblower) He was approached by PT treasurer, Paulo Ferreira, on a new subject, who left Flávio Machado concerned ", account of the former president of Andrade. "The subject of the payment of kickbacks 1% on all federal works this, past and future of Andrade Gutierrez, this is, from 2003 to front ", said Azevedo.

Former PT treasurer, Ferreira - now stuck in Operation Cost Brazil, that clears fees to the PT through the Ministry of Planning - have scheduled a meeting attended by him, John Vaccari and then president of the PT, Ricardo Berzoini.

"Berzoini objectively told orientation, which should contribute 1% on all federal works Construtora Andrade Gutierrez had. It does not set out to become a commercial Andrade Gutierrez, towards the PT help in exchange for bribes paid ", said informer. "It was not commission (the 1% two contracts) or anything for intermediation, It was even bribe. "

For the former president of Andrade, "The consequence of not paying was implicit in the fact that the PT is the federal government". "That's what the witness understood."

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