Ministry of Health promises to streamline the accreditation process for performing kidney transplants AM

One of the requirements for unit accreditation is the training of professionals Hospital Adriano Jorge Foundation.
26/07/2016 14h52 - Updated 27/07/2016 08h05
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The Ministry of Health (MS) will give priority to the qualification process of Adriano Jorge Hospital Foundation (FHAJ) to perform kidney transplants. In the meeting attended this morning, in Brasilia (DF), with the coordinator of the National Transplant System, rosana Cohen, the state Secretary of Health, Pedro Elias de Souza, obtained, share, a commitment that will come to Manaus in August, have to carry out the inspection "in loco", step required for accreditation expedition. Thereby, the hospital is qualified to receive funds from the National Health System (THEIR) for this type of procedure.

According to Pedro Elias, weighs in favor of FHAJ and helps to make the process run faster, the fact that the unit has to be enabled by the MS, to conduct liver transplantation, which is more complex. A expectation, he says, It is that no more than three months from the Amazon can perform the first transplant of the public health system kidney.

One of the requirements for unit accreditation is the training of hospital staff - doctors, social workers, psychologists and nutritionists. this training, as explained by Pedro Elias, It will be held by Hepato team of Hospital Bandeirantes, from Sao Paulo, responsible for performing kidney transplants that state and Acre. According to Pedro Elias, the State Department of Health (Sesame) carry out the training stage also in August.

Kidney transplantation, not Amazonas, they are performed, today, by Hospital Santa Julia, private network, unit accredited by SUS. Last year, the hospital held 13 surgery type.

Since early this year, the Susam is preparing Adriano Jorge Hospital to be a reference in care for chronic renal failure patients, with the provision of hemodialysis and transplantations. With the adjustments made in the hospital structure, Adriano Jorge already has the capacity to receive 97 patients for hemodialysis. The expectation is that by the year end is able to meet 300 patients, making it the state's largest dialysis center.

In addition to FHAJ and Hospital Santa Julia, the Susam has an agreement, for hemodialysis service, with the University Hospital Getulio Vargas (delusion) and three private clinics.

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