Prosecutors entered with representations against AM municipalities for lack of policy of preventing and fighting fires

If confirmed the failure of managers, It will fine imposed.
27/07/2016 15h41 - Updated 27/07/2016 16h02
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The Office of Public Environment Ministry of the Environment of the Amazon Accounts (MPC-AM) filed representations in the State Court of Auditors (TCE-AM) against all mayors and municipal secretaries of the environment so that the technicians of the court apurem the eventual failure of actions aimed at preventing and fighting fires, deforestation and forest fires in the state.

The representations were proposed from April to July this year considering the unsatisfactory responses of municipal managers in attention to the recommendations issued by the MPC, in November 2015, accompanying it with the Federal Public Ministry in the Amazon.

Representations studies indicate NASA / IRVINE and the National Institute for Space Research (inpe) indicate that the increased number of heat sources in all months 2016 for the same periods 2015 and the pessimistic prognosis as the heat intensity of drought this year.

"As reported by the local press earlier this year, had the intention of technical cooperation agreement signed between the State and municipalities aimed at preventing and fighting fires. However, no dia 19 July, the third meeting of the Prevention and Monitoring Committee Amazon Fires, promoted by federal prosecutors (MPF), the holder of the Amazon Environment Facility Secretariat (Schema) He reported that to date no inside the municipality had signed we have, which confirms the inertia of municipalities and the need for action ", said the responsible for the Coordination of Environment of MPC, Attorney accounts Ruy Marcelo Alencar Mendonça.

in the representations, Attorney accounts asks, if confirmed the failure of managers, TCE-AM apply fine in the absence of reasons because of not taking measures.

The prosecutor asks, still, that the court grant reasonable time for mayors and municipal and state secretaries of environment to join forces for deployment of brigades to prevent and combat fires and deforestation to ensure intensive action in the dry season this year, under penalty of a daily fine.

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