Finance Minister dismisses changes in the Repatriation Law

Meirelles said, when it is important to emphasize the stability of the rules.
27/07/2016 11h50 - Updated 27/07/2016 11h50
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The Minister of Finance, Henrique Meirelles, ruled today (27) changes in Repatriation Act passed in 2015 and signed in January this year by President Dilma Rousseff away. To attract money, the law provides incentives for voluntary declaration of acquired assets and resources to 31 December 2014 and held abroad.

"The conclusion we reached is that the matter [change] It can not afford to be discussed at the time. It is important to emphasize the stability of the rules so that taxpayers can make the adjustment as soon as possible. The doubts that exist are being clarified by the IRS ", said Meirelles, after meeting at the Ministry of Finance with the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ).

Meirelles also said Rodrigo Maia agreed that "any attempt to change the rules will be negative in the ongoing process of regularization of foreign assets. The minister ruled out changes in the law in the present and in the future, how they want parliamentarians and lawyers, since the law in force is with elapsing deadlines.

"Therefore, the conclusion [the meeting] It is what we expected and the rules will be maintained, without changes in the Repatriation Act Resources. The government expects that these resources from the outside strengthen the Union box and help in meeting the fiscal target "said.

The deadline for accession to the Special Regime for the Settlement Currency and Tax (RERCT) It began in April and ends on 31 October next. The law allows the adjustment of resources, remitted or assets or rights held abroad or repatriated by residents or domiciled in the country, which have not been declared or have been incorrectly declared.

Fiscal adjustment

Another topic of the meeting was the constitutional amendment that establishes the limit for the growth of public spending. at the meeting, dosse Meirelles, the mayor reported on the process of analysis and design vote. Second or minister, the two agreed that the measure is absolutely essential, not only for fiscal adjustment, but to establish the confidence of consumers and entrepreneurs in the economy, targeting the investment return, with growth in jobs and income.

"It is necessary fiscal adjustment and to establish predictability of the evolution of tax expenditure and public debt in the coming years. The project establishes a long-term vision and a long-term limiter that gives security to economic agents, are consumers, producers are seeking to make, again, there is a guarantee of sustainability of the Brazilian state in the future ", said Minister of Farms. "It was a working meeting and we are optimistic the approval of PEC spending, which is of national interest "finished.


The Minister of Finance, Henrique Meirelles, has received, today, Petrobras' president, Pedro Parente, He explained that it was a courtesy meeting, as, since taking office, I had not made a visit to the Minister. "But there is nothing special, or decisions to be taken ", He said he left the meeting. he said, still, not discussed with the Minister of Finance issues such as the privatization of Petrobras subsidiaries.

Asked about the changes in the operating rules in the pre-salt layer, Petrobras president said, as I had already informed, the change is fundamental to the country. "The company has been in favor and obviously maintain our position. we think, when this is done, better because it will provide better conditions for competition in the coming years ", accented.

The House of Representatives approved on the last day 12 , the emergency regime to the Bill (PL 4567/16), Senate, which removes the requirement for Petrobras' role as sole operator of all blocks contracted by production sharing regime in the pre-salt areas.

Source: Agency Brazil

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