Minister of the Supreme Court authorizes banking secrecy break Waldir Maranhão

The MPF says there are "strong evidence" of involvement of the deputy in the case of pension schemes.
04/07/2016 12h28 - Updated 4/07/2016 12h28
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Minister of the Supreme Court (STF), Marco Aurelio, authorized the breach of bank secrecy of the interim President of the Chamber, Waldir Maranhão (PP-MA). Marcus Aurelius answered to a request made by the Attorney General's Office (PGR). in a statement, Maranhão said to be normal to breach of confidentiality in an investigation.

According to the Minister's decision, dating from the last day 27, Maranhão was quoted in a whistleblower award. The text mentions that the request to the Supreme Court, the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) He says there are "strong indications" about Maranhao in a case involving pension schemes.

"In revealing the said petition process, the Attorney General of the Republic, (…), let us reason together the existence of strong evidence, to suggest that the federal deputy Waldir Maranhão, upon receipt of undue advantage, I would have acted in several municipalities, on behalf of scam investments in pension schemes of municipal civil servants, conceived, supposedly, for Fayed Traboulsi ", says the report in the decision. Faced with the evidence, the Attorney General's Office made the request of bank secrecy breach of parliamentary and Maranhão wife.

"The situation this process is part of the constitutional provision, is therefore relevant the request of the Federal Public Ministry, in order to elucidate the alleged involvement of the investigated, Congressman, the scam investments in pension schemes of municipal civil servants ", the text says.

Marco Aurelio authorized the breach of confidentiality only deputy. "The spouse of the accused is not investigated, not having presented prosecutors justification for breaking the confidentiality of their bank details, even because it was not mentioned in the statements of the employee ", the text says.

Waldir Maranhão

in a statement, disclosed earlier, the acting president of the Chamber of Deputies, Waldir Maranhão, He said it is "absolutely normal", within an investigative procedure, the application for breach of confidentiality of your bank details.

"The deputy is absolutely quiet on the investigation. The more you investigate, most will conclude the acquittal ", says text distributed by deputy advice.

Source: Agency Brazil

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