Live advocates continuity of Lula against research in Lava Jato

The investigation against the former president were sent to live in June.
14/07/2016 17h00 - Updated 14/07/2016 17h00
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Federal Judge Sergio Moro, responsible for Operation Lava Jato, he defended today (14) no Federal Supreme Court (STF), the continuity of the investigations against former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in the first instance of the Federal Court in Curitiba. In manifestation sent to the Court, the judge said that a decision of the Minister of STF Teori Zavascki authorized the continuation of Lula against investigations at the 13th Federal Court, headed by him (Moro).

The demonstration was prompted by a request for information made by the President of the Supreme, Ricardo Lewandowski, analyzing injunction requested by Lula defense. Lawyers ask at the outset that any investigation against the former president again transact the Supreme Court because the parliamentarians cited in talks with Lula have privileged forum and, that is why, They can only be judged by the Court.

In function of the investigations, Lula's phones were tapped after judge's decision. The former president is being investigated on suspicion of irregularities in quota purchase an apartment in Guaruja, Sao Paulo coast, and improvements made on a site frequented by his family in Atibaia, São Paulo.

the manifestation, Moro said that is fulfilling determination Zavascki and the audio involving Lula and removed President Rousseff were removed from the process, as Minister's decision. The judge, the rest remains rigid research, and there is no reason to refer the cases back to the Supreme, as either defense.

"With the return of the process of interception and all others in which included the former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, was authorized by the eminent Minister Teori Zavascki for continuing investigations in relation to it and other people deprived of jurisdiction by function prerogative ", these Moro.

On the question of audios lawyers involving parliamentarians, who have special jurisdiction in the Supreme Court, the judge said that the evidence will not be used without permission of the Minister.

"As for the intercepted conversations of former President with authorities function prerogative, it is clear that will only be used if they have evidential relevance in research or any imputation against the former president, but of course, in this case, only in relation to the former president and members without jurisdiction by function prerogative”, he added.

The investigation against the former president were sent to live in June, after decision Teori Zavascki, annulling a recording, made during the Lava Jato, a telephone conversation between Lula and removed President Rousseff.

in the decision, the minister understood that listening should be removed from the process because it was recorded by the Federal Police after the decision to Sergio Moro suspend monitoring. As the understanding Zavascki, Live usurped the jurisdiction of the Supreme, to lift the confidentiality of conversations.

Source: Agency Brazil

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