Live approves tipoff of executives 'bank fee' Odebrecht

three whistleblowers, who worked in the financial sector and joined the employees' tuition department’ Odebrecht will pay $ 3 million in fines.
22/07/2016 14h14 - Updated 22/07/2016 14h14
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Judge Sergio Moro approved, the denunciation of agreements awarded the three executives who have acquired 2010 along with a former employee of the Odebrecht "kickbacks bank" used to the contractor move money from illicit payments, including the marketeer PT João Santana, and handled in total US $ 1,6 billion by 2014.

Marco Bilinski, Vinicius Borin and Luiz France, who worked in the financial sector working as customer pickups for the bank in Brazil, They agreed to pay $ 1 million fine each and also repatriate all assets they hold abroad, paying taxes to the Brazilian authorities. The value of assets abroad, but it was not released.

fine, 90% It will be used to reimburse Petrobras and 10% to the investigative bodies, as the Federal Public Ministry and the Police Federation. The agreements were approved on 12 July and made public so that the defenses of executives Contractor kickbacks department had access to documents.

With approval, the denunciations of three executives of the financial sector, who joined Fernando Migliaccio and Luiz Eduardo Soares, then executives of the Department of Structured Finance - official name of the central bribes from contractor, according to Lava jet - Odebrecht, They may be used for further investigation of the complex financial network 41 offshore - companies in tax havens - mounted the largest construction company in the country to pay bribes in works that go beyond the corruption scheme in Petrobras.

The group also joined Olivio Rodrigues Junior, responsible for mediating the opening of accounts for the contractor in Antigua Overseas Bank, where the three executives worked before deciding to purchase the Meinl Bank, to acquire the "bank fee". The participation of 51% branch of the financial institution in Antigua was acquired, second or story, US $ 3 million over four annual installments of US $ 246 one thousand. At the end of trading, the group now has 67% do Meinl Bank Antigua.

The Department of Structured Finance of Odebrecht was the target of the 23rd stage of Lava Jato, which led to the arrest of John Santana marketeer, his wife and partner, Monica Moura, Besides the bank executives and now closed tipoff. It was from the Operation Acarajé - so named in reference to one of the names used in spreadsheets parallel accounting Odebrecht for fees - the task force of Lava Jato has reached the core of illicit payments contractor.

The revelations were made primarily by employee Maria Lúcia Guimarães Tavares, the first business group to cooperate with the investigation. currently, Odebrecht executives and the contractor Marcelo Odebrecht negotiate one plea bargaining with the Lava Jato.

Among offshore accounts created for Odebrecht, Vinicius Borin listed in his first testimony of whistleblower drives that considered "suspicious" for other accounts that were not the contractor and that totaled US $ 132 millions. Among these operations are Klienfeld, a Innovation e a Magna, all linked to Odebrecht and made deposits in offshore account Shellbill Finance, owned by John Santana and his wife Monica Moura, in Switzerland, no amount of US $ 16,6 millions.

The value is almost four times the $ 4,5 million that John Santana and his wife received from another company and admitted to the judge Sergio Moro it is hit cash debt 2 the election campaign of Dilma in 2010. The PT claims that, if there was cash 2 in your campaign, He had no knowledge.

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