Moro denies request for Lula defense to suspicion and lawyers react

Lula's defense was based on the application to the maximum that the accused is entitled to be tried by an impartial judge.
25/07/2016 16h36 - Updated 25/07/2016 16h36
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Federal Judge Sergio Moro, known for acting in cases of Operation Lava Jato, denied yesterday Lula defense's request to be declared suspect. The request was made on the last day 5 July, pointing out “arbitrariness” the judge in several cases, one of them, when it ordered the former president was taken into forceful to testify to PF, and that the measure should only be taken when the investigation refuses to attend the authorities.

Among other arguments, defense cites a written Moro article 2004, in which the judge puts the public how important the decisions and the understanding that the investigated / accused / defendant is entitled to an impartial judge. For the defense, the actions of the judge are arbitrary and the trial would be compromised. The defense accuses still Moro have attended political events and have said that Lula “It would be condemned until the end of this year”.

In June, o ministro Theory Zawascki, responsible for investigating the Lava Jato in the Supreme Court (STF) It returned the case file to Live, but annulling the audio of the former president clips, ordered by the judge, accepting the claim of the defense that were illegal.

When answering the request of suspicion, Moro claimed that public opinion is important in preventing “undue interference” in cases involving powerful accused, I said, referring to the former president and political strength he has. Despite the negative exposure in the media, Recent polls say Lula would dispute the second round of presidential elections, if they occurred in these days. Moro also denied participation in political nature of events and that his statement about the importance of public opinion is only one “finding”, not therefore reason to suspect held.

Lula's defense countered the Moro response stating that the document makes clear “partiality” the judge, because the piece accuses, denies the arbitrariness of the recognition process, makes judgments, Any distortion of facts. The piece also says that the suspicion of refusal of the judge is a “attempt” the Constitution and international treaties to which the country is signatory.

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