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Die actor and comedian Guilherme Karan to 58 years of rare disease

Karan made dozens of novels like Dona Beija, My good, my evil, Hilda Hurricane, O Clone, among others.
Photo: reproduction
Photo: reproduction

The actor and comedian Guilherme Karan died today (7) to 58 years in the Naval Hospital Marcilio Dias, in Lins de Vasconcelos, north of Rio de Janeiro. He was hospitalized for nearly two years because of the rare neurological and hereditary disease known as Machado-Joseph Syndrome. Besides the actor, mother and two of his brothers died of the disease. The younger sister of actor also has the syndrome.

Karan Began his career in the early 1980 and soon excelled in comic roles, as the acclaimed comedy TV show Pirate, where he played different characters with the actors Debora Bloch, Marco Nanini, Regina Casé, Luiz Fernando Guimarães, Claudia Raia, Pedro Paulo Rangel, Ney latorraca and Louise Cardoso.

The program lasted four years (from 1988 a 1992) and Karan roles most successful at the time were Paulinho Malandragem, the presenter Zeca thwack TV Male, and Agronopolos, Fire in Rabo.

No cinema, Karan participated in films like Rock Star and The Man in the Black Cape and gained fame among younger audiences to play the villains in the movies Super Xuxa against Low Astral and Xuxa and the Elves 1 e 2.

On TV, made dozens of novels like Dona Beija, My good, my evil, Hilda Hurricane, O Clone, among others. In 2005, while filming America as the character Geraldito, the actor began to feel the first symptoms of the disease, which causes loss of motor skills and is degenerative.

OP caused Deksa, Admiral and Minister of the Navy in the government João Figueiredo, Alfredo Karam.

Source: Agency Brazil

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