Tree seedlings are planted in the Amazon Arena surroundings to offset carbon emissions

The action aims to offset the carbon emissions that occurred during the construction of the stadium.
04/07/2016 13h35 - Updated 4/07/2016 13h35
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With a little less than a month for the start of Rio's Olympic Football Tournament 2016, the Government of Amazonas, through the Organizing Committee Manaus 2016, finished planting 170 pau-pretinho species of tree seedlings in the vicinity of the Arena Amazônia. The green barrier surrounding the main multipurpose space state intended to offset the carbon emissions that occurred during the construction of the stadium, besides generating a ventilation corridor around the site.

They attended the planting, beyond Manaus Committee coordinator secretary 2016 Mario Aufiero, the Municipal Secretary of Environment and Sustainability (SEMMAS) Itamar Mar, Secretary of State for the Environment (SCHEMA) Antonio stroški, Secretary of State and Chairman of the Economic Development Agency Amazonense and social (AADES) Ana Paula Aguiar and the Consul of Colombia José Gilberto Rojas. The ceremony also had the presence of volunteers Ajuri program and other groups working towards sustainability.

trees were planted with 1,80 a 2 meters on the sidewalks of the Sambadrome, Avenida Flaviano Limongi, and the back of the Arena Amadeu Teixeira. According to the coordinator of the Committee Manaus 2016, the work done for the world's biggest sporting event - which will take place in the Amazonian capital in August -, will bring legacy also in the areas of sustainability and accessibility.

"The project is large and is called 'Embraces' because, between actions, There planting tree seedlings and other accessibility project for people with disabilities (PCDs). It is precisely these people who will have the opportunity to enjoy a different job, made specific to Manaus. Not to mention the internal signaling Arena Amazônia, when it comes to accessibility of the item. This will be our great advantage of the World Cup, it will be for the state all the legacy project, sustainability and accessibility implemented in days 4, 7 e 9 of August", explicou Aufiero.

The symbolic planting of the last ten saplings coordinated by the Committee, according to the Secretary Itamar Mar (SEMMAS), will have major after the Games, thus leaving as a legacy a true "green barrier" in the Amazon Arena Area, what was anticipated from the initial design stage.

"This attitude has a very large representation, mainly by afforestation deficit that exists in the city. We have a work plan to plan 10 seedlings in 58 thoroughfares, more than 35 neighborhoods, and Amazon Arena was one of those places. Here it is very conducive to planting trees and best of all, it is the contribution of the Organizing Committee Manaus 2016 to reducing the global warming ", said the secretary of SEMMAS.

The city of Manaus presents a major challenge accessibility, so COOL Manaus 2016, with governmental spheres, It works for all people, with any kind of disability, may have proper accessibility for the Olympic Tournament matches Football.

The Committee sees the Games as an opportunity to enhance public accessibility policies, helping to reduce mobility barriers in the city of Manaus.

The proposed HUGS is to deliver the sustainability beyond the implementation period of the Rio Olympic Football Tournament games 2016. Along with partners, develops projects and programs that act as seeds to be cultivated throughout society.

Among the activities are the green barrier surrounding the Arena da Amazônia and the future "Garden of Athletes", these activities aimed at neutralizing the carbon emissions.

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