Cunha woman calls rapporteur impeachment and Temer ministers as his witnesses

Claudia Cruz is accused of laundering US $ 1 million and tax evasion.
12/07/2016 14h15 - Updated 12/07/2016 14h17
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The wife of former mayor Eduardo Cunha (PMDB / RJ) summoned the deputy Jovair Arantes (PTB/GO), Rapporteur of the impeachment proceedings against President Dilma Rousseff (PT), as a defense witness in criminal action of Operation Lava Jato. The parliamentary and two government ministers Michel Temer - Bruno Araújo (Cities - PSDB / PE) and Mauritius Quintella (Transport - PR / AL) - Are on the list of 26 witnesses presented by the defense Claudia Cruz.

The criminalist Pierpaolo Bottini Claudia argues that, since 9 of June, It is aft of the federal judge Sergio Moro, Symbol Operation Lava Jato. The wife of Eduardo Cunha answered the process of money laundering over $ 1 million from crimes attributed to Mr away. She is also accused of tax evasion. The witnesses were given the defense piece delivered to the judge Moro.

According to the complaint of the task force of Lava Jato, Claudia would have favored part values ​​of a bribe of about $ 1,5 million that the husband would have received for 'viable' acquisition, by Petrobras, from 50% block 4 an oil exploration field off the coast of Benin, in Africa, in 2011. The resources that landed in Claudia account were used, for example, to pay luxury purchases made with credit cards abroad - research shows that it has acquired shoes, handbags and designer clothes with illicit origin of funds, according to the Attorney.

Also they were called for the defense of allies Eduardo Cunha in the House: Members Carlos Marun (PMDB / RJ), who fought in the Ethics Committee for the assent the impeachment of former President of the House were reproved, Hugo Motta (PMDB / UL), Felipe Maia (PMDB / RN), Gilberto Nascimento (PSC-SP) and Atila Lins (PSD-AM).

Or document 139 pages, signed by Pierpaolo Bottini and also by lawyers Claudia Vara San Juan Araujo and Stephanie Guimarães, divides the list of witnesses in four blocks. The defense points out that politicians may give evidence on the topic 'money laundering arising from the transfer of alleged criminal actions between the trust Netherton (of which her husband is the beneficiary) and Kopek account (Claudia held by)’.

"Witnesses certifying the absence of knowledge / involvement Defendente (Cláudia) with the business of her husband and the absence of any intentional or willful blindness in their behavior ", supports the defense Claudia.

Former Minister of the Supreme Court (STF) Francisco Resek (1983/1990 e 1992/1997), also former Minister of Foreign Affairs (1990 a 1992) former President Fernando Collor (PTC-AL), on the list of witnesses.
The defense wants Resek clarify issues relating to "tax evasion, for account maintenance (Dog) Unreported abroad; witnesses who can clarify the facts to the composition of Kopek account and the reasons for the failure to declare it to the Central Bank of Brazil. "
They were also called witnesses to talk about "money laundering arising from the receipt of amounts of trusts Triumph and Orion SP (of which her husband is the beneficiary) on account Kopek (owned by Defendente)’.

"Witnesses involved with the institution of the trusts mentioned in the initial and Kopek account certifying its operational, and compliance steps taken in order to avoid any imputation for money laundering by the Defendente to receive values ​​of such structures ", lawyers point.

In this list are employees of Banco Merrill Lynch and representatives of offshore Netherton Investments Chian Shu Xin, Cindv e Angela Nicolson, Singapore.

The Federal Deputy Carlos Marun (PMDB / MS), said that, if he is a defense witness called, soon he will attend and answer the questions that are asked you.
Until then we did not get any call.

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