Crowd does motorcade and lota Fortaleza airport to receive Bolsonaro

He performed in Fortaleza as a pre-candidate for the presidency in 2018.
08/07/2016 07h38 - Updated 8/07/2016 15h17
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A crowd held a motorcade and filled the lobby of the Pinto Martins Airport, in Fortaleza, to receive Congressman Jair Bolsonaro (PSC), yesterday, day 7, that appeared in Fortaleza as a pre-candidate for the presidency in 2018.

The demonstrators sang the National Anthem Brazilian, support Mr songs and displayed posters and banners advocating the candidacy of Bolsonaro. Upon arrival of the deputy, the demonstrators held a new protest march following the bandwagon in the Rio deputy parading in the streets of Fortaleza.

Bolsonaro attending the event “I Symposium Right on Land of Light”, this Thursday (7), in Fortaleza. Also lectured at the symposium the President of the PSC, Pastor Everaldo Pereira; the son of Bolsonaro, Deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro; and politicians who expressed support for the legislator.

Acts against pro-Bolsonaro

In Fortaleza, protesters and pro-Bolsanaro held several demonstrations in the Rectory of the Federal University of Ceará (UFC) in Fortaleza, We last months.

The pro-Bolsonaro protesters defend the deputy candidacy for president in the act entitled “Rolezinho the Bolsonaro” and they claim that the parliamentary will act in “defense of the principles of family and constitution, with strict action against crime”.

Already the protesters against Mr claim that Bolsonaro “defends fascist ideals, homophobic and sexist”. The group also protests against the incumbent president, Michel Temer, who took over by coup, according to them.

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