New commander of PM intensify the integration of security agencies to fight crime

Augusto Sergio Farias Pereira, He took charge of possession late on Friday(1) the General Command of the Military Police.
02/07/2016 10h15 - Updated 2/07/2016 10h15
Photo: Press Release / Secom

Strengthen integration with Amazon's security agencies to ensure the safety of the Amazonian population. This is the main focus of the new commander of the Amazon Military Police, Colonel Augusto Sergio Farias Pereira, who took charge of possession late on Friday, 1Th July, during the ceremony held at the General Command of the Military Police, in Petrópolis neighborhood, area on.

The new general commander takes over, after determination of the Governor Jose Melo, published in the Official State Gazette (DOE) from 23 June 2016. Colonel Augusto Sergio Farias Pereira temporarily held the post of deputy, replacing Colonel Rubens Soares de Sá, acting in the position of Colonel holder Marcus James Fleet Lobato. Euler Carlos de Souza Cordeiro colonel assumed the position of deputy.

During the charge transfer ceremony, the commander stressed that his priority is to intensify community policing to combat crime in the state. “The population is the most important integration that exists, and we will intensify this approach the police with the community. We will continue with the integration of security agencies to effectively fulfill the mission of bringing peace and security to the families of our state”, highlighted.

CURRICULUM – Sergio Augusto and Euler Lamb are formed in the Military Police of Rio de Janeiro since 1988. Augusto Colonel has assumed the position of legal advisor to the Military Police and was currently staff director of Active and, since May, Acting deputy PM. He holds a BA in Law and has course Improvement and Higher Police Course.

Colonel Subcomandante Euler Carlos de Souza Cordeiro was dedicated the last ten years of the Internal Affairs System, occupying the post of Inspector General of the Military Police and Inspector assist the PM in the Magistrate General of the Public Security System. Colonel Euler bachelor's degree in Law, with postgraduate studies in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure, also specializes in Transit, Master in Public Administration with an Emphasis on Public Safety and Doctor of Police Sciences in São Paulo.

Representing the Governor Jose Melo on the Solemnity, the Public Security Secretary of Amazonas, Sergio Fontes, He congratulated the new dome of the Military Police. He emphasized that the role of the military and civil police in the capital's streets has caused the reduction in homicides in the capital. As Sergio Fontes, between January and June this year there was a reduction 12% in homicides, when compared to the same period of the year 2014 e 2015.

“We are here as a group to address the obstacles, but the state is doing very well. We ended the month of June with a further reduction in homicides. Reduction of 12% means that if we reach the end of the year with the same reduction, We have over 150 people saved from last year. The numbers are there, and thanks to the Military Police are getting this achievement”.

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