The estate of the Brazilian family, taxation of inheritance and donations

13/07/2016 14h29 - Updated 13/07/2016 16h05
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You in your family's provider status, He works his entire life to give a better life to their children, pay all folded, health, school, safety, It is stolen by the government daily and at the end of his life, the money coupled with a lot of sweat to let their children will be taken by the government. Some may say that care little, since his family is middle or lower class, that is, You think will never be achieved, but remember that any new tax or measure created can always be adjusted, to increase government revenues. If today say they will tax inheritances or donations over $ 3,5 millions, tomorrow can download to R $ 1 million, then R $ 100,000, then R $ 10 one thousand, until no gift or inheritance that is not taxed with astronomical rates. Remember that wherever he goes an ox, pass a cattle.

The same people who are willing to pass these laws will not be achieved, has its fortunes closely guarded, hidden and far from Brazil. A measure such as this will eat around the edges, reaching gradually the honest population that diverts money, who does not know what a tax haven and only heard about accounts in Switzerland by the newspaper. Politicians who are willing to pass this law, They are the same who will receive with money detours that will arrecado and will be sent far away, as political does not like to pay tax, only to steal tax money.

The rapporteur of this project is a senator from Sao Paulo Forum, Fernando Bezerra (PSB-PE), and the matter is on the priority list announced by Senate President Renan Calheiros (PMDB-AL), this Thursday (30), a news conference. The tax on large fortunes could yield to EU coffers up to R $ 100 billion per year and the adjustment of tax rates on large inheritances and donations should generate R $ 12 a R$ 15 billion of extra revenue for the Union.

The proposal is seen as an alternative to tax millionaires, that divides opinion among parliamentarians. The rapporteur's suggestion, Fernando Bezerra is to create a progressive table that establishes a zero rate for value inheritances or donations transmissions up to R $ 3,5 millions. That is, no inheritance or donation of up to R $ 3,5 million would be taxed. "Up to R $ 3,5 million will be exempt. Today there is an incidence of 8% charged by states. This new rate will be charged by the government with increasing ranges of taxation, reaching 27,5%, as well as the income tax ", He explained Fernando Bezerra.

Inheritances or donations over $ 3,5 millions, and up to R $ 10 millions, or serious additional 5%. The portion that exceeded the R $ 10 million would be taxed 10%. That above R $ 50 million, in 15%. And that over $ 100 million, in 20%.

The amount collected would be used to fuel a National Fund “Development” Regional (FNDR) it would be stocked with an additional tax to the transmission by inheritance and donation charged by the Union. It is noteworthy that already in place in the Brazilian tax tables the cause Transfer Tax Mortis and Donation Any Goods or Rights (ITCD), which collects R $ 4,7 billion annually and is maintained even with the approval of the new tariff.

Tax is the beginning of the end theft, money is despoiled of us who should return in the form of services, but the path is despoiled by politicians and in the end what remains are the people a few crumbs.

This measure is in full agreement with the party manifesto project rapporteur, PSB which aims to "socialism deployment in the country", with the "gradual and progressive socialization of the means of production" and the "abolition of all class privileges". (Manifesto, part VIII e VII). That is, a member of the Forum of Sao Paulo affiliated with the PSB, a party that has clear objectives, as well as EN, PSOL, PCdoB and other, to transform the Brazilian republic into a dictatorship of the proletariat through the progressive implementation of socialist measures.

Reporting on TV Senate on the new measure may still be approved this week:

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