Odebrecht write email saying you have good news for Lula and Lava Jet finds out

Operation Lava Jet found a contractor, partner Odebrecht, responsible for the construction of a building 3 floors for former president.
16/07/2016 12h30 - Updated 18/07/2016 10h51
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This week, Lava Operation Jet made a calamitous discovery. Odebrecht company used a branch of contractor, DAG Construction, to refurbish a building with three floors in São Paulo, which would aim to be the Lula Institute. And what is more interesting, It is that former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva would not spend a penny in the reform of this building, It would be a gift of your business partner billionaires Marcelo Odebrecht.

The businessman followed all the details of the work and sent an email to Branislav Kontic, the right-hand man of former minister Antonio Palocci, saying he had great news for the President. In the email he wrote: “I need to send an update of the new building for the head”. The purchase of the property was carried out, however, some pending litigation, the former owners, prevented the donation of the project is consummated.


The family of former president was disappointed with the failure to achieve business. It was found by the Federal Police, in March, on the site in Atibaia, a rose folder with various project information, for example, auditorium and meeting rooms that would be renovated and include a penthouse apartment with five suites.

Lula knows the directors of DAG Construction and lawyer Roberto Teixeira, who participated in the process for the purchase of the building. Teixeira is closely linked to Lula's family, especially when it comes to real estate projects.

A sabbatical
In 2010, more precisely 25 of June,in the latest survey conducted by Ibope, Lula was living a dream: but of 80% They approved the government and lacked little to achieve a world record for popularity. It was also impressive the Lula government's disapproval rating, It was only in 3% the electorate.

before that 2010 positive in Lula's life, the former president gained building, never imagining, a few years after the Operation Lava Jato find out everything and would take the former president closer to the Curitiba Republic.

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