Rio Olympics is already a catastrophe, diz New York Times

To the newspaper, Olympic Games, indeed, became a public calamity.
01/07/2016 17h18 - Updated 1/07/2016 17h21
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With a little more than 30 days to the start of the Olympic Games 2016 from Rio de Janeiro (RJ), the city still runs to get everything ready by the date of the event, in 5 of August. The delay, however, He did not go unnoticed by the American newspaper The New York Times.

In an article published on Friday (1), the publication evaluates the Games in Rio as an unnatural disaster. In reference to public emergency decree made by the governor of Rio de Janeiro, Francisco Dornelles, the newspaper says: "Such measures are usually taken in the event of an earthquake or flood. But the Olympics this year is a predictable and avoidable man-made catastrophe”, or text says.

Photo: reproduction

Photo: reproduction

According to the publication, the list of problems is long: delay in the works, violence, Zika virus epidemic, problems with safety and with public transport, as well as shortage of tourist information. However, according to the publication, “these concerns are dismissed” the Brazilian organization.

Another factor, according to the NYT, contributes to the failure of the edition of the Games in Brazil is the fact that at least 4.120 families have been evicted from their homes because of the mega event. "Someone will profit from the Games, but it will not be most of Rio's population. The governor was right: It is a calamity ", concludes the publication.


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