PF operation search group accused of carrying illegal timber

In addition to the arrest warrants, They are being met forceful warrants and search and seizure.
12/07/2016 13h37 - Updated 12/07/2016 13h37
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In order to combat a criminal scheme illegal timber transport, including the participation of public officials, the Federal Police (PF) and the Federal Highway Police (PRF) They broke out this morning (12) Operation termite mound. The officers meet 55 warrants, and 11 temporary arrest, in nine municipalities in Pará, Maranhão, Sergipe and Piaui.

According to PF, the targets are loggers, federal highway police, tax the Secretary of State of Pará Finance and Municipal Environment of the municipality of Dom Eliseu, in the northeastern state, and timber conveyor.

In addition to the arrest warrants, They are being met forceful warrants and search and seizure, in Belém, Anantapur and Dom Eliseu, no stop; Paço do Lumiar, São José de Ribamar, Trizidela Valley and Itinga, in Maranhão; Ribeirópolis, Sergipe, and Eliseu Martins, Piauí.

Investigations began in 2015, the Regional Magistrate of Pará PRF. The PF also found that the criminal scheme was responsible for the series of acts of vandalism in Dom Eliseu, in December last year, when I was going on a combat operation to environmental crimes in the region.

"Loggers, public and intermediaries met to instigate and fund depredation, thefts and fires in Dom Eliseu, the headquarters of the PRF, Chamber, City Hall and Municipal Traffic Department ", informs in a note to Federal Police.

Those involved in the scheme are accused of criminal association crimes, active and passive corruption, falsification of public document, misrepresentation, fire and willful damage to public property. The prisoners will be forwarded to the Superintendent of the Federal Police in Pará to be heard and then be made available to the Justice.

Source: Agency Brazil

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