Maíra operation 4, the Ipaam and Environmental Battalion, notes environmental crimes and fine estates in the RDS Rio Negro

The operation was held between 4 e 9 July.
12/07/2016 06h43 - Updated 12/07/2016 06h43
Photo: Press Release / Ipaam

Tax the Ambienta Protection Institute (Ipaam) Police and the Environmental Military Police Battalion found several environmental crimes, seizures and effectively implemented fines totaling R $ 143.539 one thousand, in the area of ​​Sustainable Development Reserve (RDS) Black river, during "Operation Maíra 4", held between 4 e 9 July.

In the inspection that took place in several farms in the municipalities of Iranduba, Manacapuru and Novo Airão were caught illegally transport situations of wood and wood, illegal manufacturing charcoal, unlicensed fish farming facility and expansion of agricultural activity with vegetation removal without license Ipaam.

The team of eight members found complaints, supervised and conducted night monitoring, resulting in the seizure of logs 1,54 m³ of wood, 77,33 stereo lenha, 3,89 m³ of charcoal, destruction of the coal furnace, destruction of a cage, release of a songbird, rescue of a capuchin monkey, in addition to the seizure of two trucks, two bulldozers, a backhoe, three chainsaws. Also they were barred four areas.

In this ocasion, still, They were sealed 11 tax assessments, five reports, 16 terms of seizure, four terms embargo / interdiction and two terms of release / destruction.

The inspection request within the RDS Rio Negro was made by the Attorney General of the State (Intoxicated).

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