Security organs and military sign Integrated protocols for security at the Olympic Games in Manaus

The objective is the integration of organs for a more effective performance during games.
22/07/2016 08h10 - Updated 22/07/2016 08h10
Photo: Valdo Lion / Secom

Public security organs of the State and the Armed Forces, who will work in an integrated manner during the Olympic Games in Manaus, signed, On thursday (21), the stock protocols to be used in sporting event in the event of terrorist acts or threats to the security of the population, tourists and delegations will be in the capital during the Olympics. The presentation of the Integrated Security Plan, that unifies the axes Defense, Intelligence and Security, and the signing of the protocols took place in the Center for Integrated Command and Control (CICC).

Attended the presentation the holder of the Public Security Bureau of the State (SSP-AM), Sergio Fontes, the superintendent of the Brazilian Intelligence Agency (what), Paul Arouck, the Area Defense coordinator, Brigadier General Antonio Barros, the Deputy Executive Secretary of Planning and Management Integrated Security, Colonel Dan Hall, the commander of the Amazon Military Command (CMA), Army General Geraldo Miotto, among other security bodies authorities and managers.

The Secretary Sergio Sources pointed out the role of each axis of operation, emphasizing the ultimate goal, which is integrated to promote safety. "Integration is the goal, We split into axes and these axes work in the integration of each subject. Each organ has its intelligence and everything that has to be connected to Abin intelligence that coordinates. The defense axis has the Army, the Navy and Air Force to integrate their resources to a single coordinating Defense. The security, in turn, It has several branches that have to integrate into planning and protocols ", he explained.

The superintendent of Abin, Paul Arouck, He emphasized that the purpose of the Intelligence Agency is feasible and inform in a timely manner any action that might jeopardize the attainment of the games. He ruled out any real threat today in the State. "To date there is no real threat in the city, It was not detected anything that could hinder the progress of the Games and hopefully the Olympic event in Manaus things happen within the normal ", commented.

About the state of Defense, General Barros said the signing of the protocols materializes intensive work and national and local. "We are here involved not only as event itself, but involved with several security rings coming to our border, moreover what is routine Brazilian Army, much work, planning and, particularly, much integration ", concluded.

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