government agencies meet invasion of unemployment in Tarumã

Demarcations of state lots were being sold illegally by third parties with prices between R $ 2 mil e R$ 25 one thousand.
06/07/2016 17h07 - Updated 6/07/2016 17h07
Photo: Press Release / Secom

Bodies of state and municipal held, early on Tuesday(6), a wrecking operation and removal of more than 250 buildings in an irregular occupation, on a plot located in the neighborhood Tarumã, near the Cachoeira Alta, in the west of Manaus.

The activity was coordinated by the Integrated Group for the Prevention of Invasions in Public Areas in the State (Gipiap), which is composed of various government institutions related to housing and land area.

A area, unduly occupied with more than 250 Tents and marquees lots, It belongs to the state, but it was being sold illegally by third parties with prices between R $ 2 mil e R$ 25 one thousand. "Based on our technical analysis, we found that someone had misappropriated a space belonging to the State and on top was selling and loteando this space. From there, we began our operation ", He explained Gipiap member, Adriano da Silva.

Despite marked, the various structures in place were not being inhabited. "This is the fifth time we come here and talk to these people to report on the irregularity of this occupation and have realized that no one lives in these shacks. It was found that people were the day of the period to demarcate territory. At night, they returned to their homes ", Adriano completed.

With the demolition of structures and removal of invaders, or field 376.468,49 square meters, It will be constantly monitored by police. The operation was supported by the Environmental Military Police Battalion, Precinct Environment (during) and Superintendent of Amazonas Housing (Suhab), State Department of Administration and Management (Sead), State Department of Infrastructure (Seinfra) and Tactical Force.

Environment - In addition to the irregularity in the occupation, nonlocal, which is an Environmental Protection Area (WHAT), They were recorded several attacks on nature as fires and deforestation.

With the presence of police officers from the Department of the Environment, seven people sent to 23 Integrated District Police, Ten in November Park, center-on area. "These people were causing damage to the protected area and were brought here to provide information on the same. In partnership with the technical expertise we will prepare a report and based on it we will be able to measure the action of man on the spot and hold the guilty ", said the delegate of Dema, Graciano Marcos.

On or Gipiap – The Integrated Group for the Prevention of Invasions in Public Areas in Amazonas State (Gipiap), established by Decree 36.015, July 2015, It was created in order to manage the integrated actions of the organs and entities of the direct and indirect administration of the State Executive, in preventive and repressive actions invasions in public area of ​​Amazonas state property.

Coordinated by the Strategic Committee for Monitoring Management (CEAG), the Gipiap is formed by the departments of State Development of Greater Manaus (SRMM), of Land Policy (SPF), Environment (Schema), infrastructure (Seinfra), Social Assistance (Seas), Public Security (SSP), police Military and Civil Amazonas State (PMAM), State Superintendent of Housing (Suhab) and Subcommand of Amazonas Civil Defense Actions (Subcomadec) and Institute of the State of Amazonas Environmental Protection (Ipaam).

The Gipiap also has a partnership with the Manaus City Hall, through bodies such as Municipal Secretariat for Women, Social Assistance and Human Rights (Semmasdh), Municipal Environment (Semmas), Municipal Institute of Engineering and Inspection Traffic (Manaustrans) and the Municipal Institute of Social Order and Urban Planning (Implurb), to act preventively in invading initiatives for notifications, fines, guidelines and demolition of unauthorized buildings. During monitoring, or Gipiap seeks to avoid, among other abusive actions, situations such as, invasions and consolidated buildings, in areas already expropriated; and irregular trade activities, plus demobilization invasions and execution of repossession processes.

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