For Health Minister, patients' imagine’ diseases

Barros criticized 'culture' to seek and take drugs in the basic network, which was leading to unnecessary spending on the National Health System (THEIR).
16/07/2016 13h37 - Updated 16/07/2016 13h37
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Health Minister, Ricardo Barros, He said on Friday, 15, that the majority of patients seeking care in primary care units of public network only "imagine" being sick, but it's not. According to the minister, is "Brazilian culture" only to find that was well attended when passing exams or receive prescription medications and this supposed "habit" was leading to unnecessary spending on the National Health System (THEIR). medical organizations criticized the speech Barros.

"Most people come to the clinic or primary care with psychosomatic effects. Why 50% laboratory tests are not taken by the parties? Why 80% They give normal results? Why they were ordered without ", the minister said, on the morning of Friday, 15, at an event at the headquarters of the Brazilian Medical Association (WITH), in Sao Paulo.

Barros said that people usually associate a good query to request tests and argued that doctors help change that thought. "HE (or patient) not leave or prescription or examination request, he thinks it was not 'consulted'. This is a culture of the people, but I think we all have to help change, because it is not compatible with the resources we have ", stated. "We have no money to stay running tests and taking drugs that are not needed just to meet people, for they think they did well met the health Postinho. "

The minister argued that physicians make a more thorough investigation of the patient, before order tests or prescribe remedies. "The doctor has to palpate the customer, make history, You have to talk to the person ", he said.

medical organizations representatives disagreed with the Barros's claim that the majority of people looking for health posts without being, indeed, ill. "Overall, any health facility will 70% the tests with normal results. This is because the patient is not well examined, It is not really questioned, and the wrong tests are required. Or else, in public, the examination takes so to get ready to, until then, the patient will no longer healed and remove the result ", says Antonio Carlos Lopes, President of the Brazilian Society of Internal Medicine.

It states that the request for unnecessary tests is related to gaps in training or in the doctor's posture. "The patient has not fault it. Most have real complaint, which is not properly valued by the doctor ", he said.

President of the Brazilian Medical Association (WITH), Florentino Cardoso said that the patient does not even have the power to choose whether to make examinations or take medication and you need to assess better the data reported by the Minister before any conclusion. "The judgment of the patient's medical needs. Sometimes there is that the patient was not taking (the test results), but the patient or the doctor saw on the internet. We need to know which places have this population of patients treated with normal exams or have not get it. Why, if no, is something thrown in the air. "

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