public transportation Partial paralysis is discussed in the CMM and councilors praised mayor of Manaus by no readjustment of passage

The matter became the subject of debate, after news that some bus companies have left circular because drivers and conductors crossed arms.
11/07/2016 15h21 - Updated 12/07/2016 07h22
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Partial strike in public transport was one of the issues discussed by the councilors in the Municipality of Manaus (CMM), on the morning of Monday (11), during Small Hours, the return of the legislative work of the second half of this year after the parliamentary recess mid-year.

The matter became the subject of debate, after news that some bus companies have left circular because drivers and conductors crossed arms, penalizing users who commuted to work, even with the Labor Court's decision, what, based on the request of the Manaus City Hall, last Friday (9), which determined the maintenance of 70% of the public transport fleet running at peak hours.

The first to pull the matter was Councilman Luis Mitoso (PSD), who stressed the energetic action of Mayor Arthur Neto (PSDB) to go to court to ensure the movement of buses, before an announced strike, and Justice of Manaus to take a clear and purposeful decision not to announce the strike as legal. "The vast majority of buses are circling. The mayor, companies and the Justice sought understanding. Some, unfortunately, They are not complying with the court order ", he said, to state that this decision entitles the mayor to intervene in companies that are no longer part of the system.

President of the Municipal Legislature, Wilker Barreto (PHS) He entered the debate. He asked good sense of business before the "severe" crisis economy. According to him, any 10% salary adjustment focuses R $ 0,30 the most in the rate, which will fall on users account. "Entrepreneurs have favorable injunctions, but it is an appeal to common sense. The service is not to the satisfaction, even if we were not in crisis the fleet is not to the satisfaction and the buses are not sanitized. If it were efficient, but it is not. Manaus needs urgently a modal incorporating two million inhabitants. The blue band is an alternative to a city that has no money. No matures problem of urban mobility and sanitation without allocation of resources ", assured.

For Councilman Mario Fleet (PHS), the mayor acts correctly in not granting adjustment of bus fare, despite pressure. "The adjustment of servers is a problem of the boss class, drivers and conductors, and can not be played for society. If off the streets will penalize a population of two million ", he said, adding that people in search of employment will be affected. "With bus strike does not have to go out in search of employment", completed.

In the same vein pronounced Councilwoman Socorro Sampaio (PP), who congratulated the hard struggle of the mayor and justice not to allow the tariff readjustment.

Councilman Álvaro Campelo (PP) He believes that the crisis is for everyone and increases can not be passed on to the population. he stressed, also, the poor condition of public transport. "First entrepreneurs have to improve the system to claim. The bus continued stopping by city, some to start a fire, bald tires. How do these business owners want to increase if we do not invest in the system. It's an absurd", he said.

Alvaro went on to say that entrepreneurs are not satisfied, leaving the system, leave the city and make room for other companies to quality work. According to him, the Defence Committee of the House Consumer is a partner in action against the tariff increase, in front of you the Public Defender of Amazonas. "The commission fulfills its role as advocates and to assert the rights of the population", said.

Councillors of the LWA, as Junior Ribeiro and Johnny Miranda also made choir to support the mayor for not reset and criticized the quality of public transport services. Professor Samuel (PHS), Roberto Sabino (PROS) Pliny and Valerius (PSDB) also spoke on the subject. "The crisis is for everyone and can not be directed to penalize only the weakest", said Junior Ribeiro.

Johnny Miranda think it takes to put a stop this initiative of entrepreneurs, They are offering a bad service to the community, a "novel" Endless. "We must put a stop to it. The mayor has said he will not back down from his decision. Dissatisfied that leave the system ", he said.

City Council opposition, as Professor Bibiano and Joseph Waldemir, Both PT, They criticized the public transportation system in Manaus, only enrich entrepreneurs and require users to walk in true carts. "How many of these companies that insist on challenging the Executive, the judiciary and Parliament have failed?”, asked Bibiano.

Waldemir Joseph went further and defended the intervention of the mayor in the public transportation system, based on Article 187 the Organic Law of the Municipality of Manaus. Councilman proposed, still, this strike in the transport is free ratchet to penalize entrepreneurs and not harm users. The councilor suggested, still, the realization of urban mobility law, which obliges the government and the private sector to make investments in the transport area.

For the leader of the Municipal Government, Elias Emanuel (PSDB), I do not to intervene in the system, why, at the time that the Executive does it, assumes all liability system. "That's what business people want, placing its obligations in the hands of the government ", said, in response to opposition criticism.

According to Elias Emanuel, since dawn Mayor Arthur Neto was campana and talked to the governor Jose Melo, with the workers and entrepreneurs in the public transportation system, no sense to solve or impasse. "The message is given. If this motion is a combination of employer and employee, this adjustment will not happen. The governor also pledged to submit to the Assembly Allowance Act and settle the payment (subsidy) for companies ", secured.


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