Partnership between the Social Promotion Fund and Susam will expand services in health

About R $ 3.249.800,00 They have been transferred to the Susam for investment in the Amazon Health.
06/07/2016 17h17 - Updated 6/07/2016 17h17
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The Government of Amazonas, through the Social Promotion Fund, must allocate only this year, resources of R $ 7.049.800,00 to Health. Of this total, R$ 3.249.800,00 They have been transferred to the State Department of Health (Sesame), investments in units such as oncology Control Center Foundation (FCecon), Foundation Hospital Adriano Jorge (FHAJ) and Alfredo da Matta Foundation, in addition to the Emergency Room Plato Araújo and Emergency Room of the South Zone Child.

"These resources have enabled us, for example, to begin the adaptation works of Plato Araújo for the implementation of beds for care of patients with mental disorder. E, still, prepare Hospital Adriano Jorge Foundation for the expansion of customer service to chronic renal failure patients, with the implementation of unit Hemodialysis Center, which will have an installed capacity to meet 300 patients / month, by the end of the second half ", said the State Secretary of Health, Pedro Elias de Souza.

For implementation of the specialized service of Mental Health care in Plato Araújo, FPS allocated R $ 728,5 one thousand. Resources for the Hemodialysis Center Adriano Jorge were of R $ 1,8 million. A Fundação Cecon, in turn, received R $ 639.800, They are invested in the purchase of new equipment, as bronchoscopes, endoscope and colonoscope, which will expand in 30% the supply of the unit tests, which is a reference in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in the Western Amazon.

For the Alfredo da Matta Foundation, FPS transferred R $ 35 one thousand, for the unity of physical therapy services. Already the Emergency Room of the South Zone Child received R $ 55 one thousand, to purchase new equipment for the Intensive Care.

Pedro Elias notes that, among the features that are still in the process of releasing the FPS - a total of approximately 3,8 millions -, They include R $ 2,5 million to be allocated to the acquisition of the new Hemodynamics equipment for heart Francisca Mendes Foundation, which will double the unit's service capacity in neuroendovasculares surgeries and procedures (as catheterization). "Besides that, other R $ 326 thousand should be transferred to hospital, for the purchase of orthotics and prosthetics, plus specialized material for cardiopediátricas surgery ".

The Emergency Room of the Child East Zone (Hansel) You receive R $ 100 thousand to buy new cribs and children's cots. Motherhood Balbina Mestrinho should also be contemplated with the release of the FPS resources. Similarly, health centers in the state, who should receive coloscópios (apparatus for cervical display).

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