Departure Brazil and Colombia will be in Manaus, discount 5% of tickets

It was confirmed on the morning of Wednesday (27), the match between Brazil and Colombia will take place in Manaus, no dia 6 of September.
27/07/2016 13h36 - Updated 28/07/2016 07h05
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After hearing of conciliation between prosecutors and the Amazon CBF, on the value of tickets for the match between Brazil and Colombia, the Confederation decided to accept the request of the state body and will reduce the value of the tickets for the game 5%. The request of the MP was reduction 60%. The offer convinced the body includes a training of the Brazilian selection open to the public. A starting, valid for the qualifiers of the World Cup 2018 it happens on 06 of September, in the Amazon Arena.

The meeting took place on the morning of Wednesday, No Fórum Enoch Travel, in the capital of Amazonas. The decision would be taken, initially, on Monday, but the CBF asked 48 hours after the first hearing, to evaluate proposals. At the second meeting, this morning, the parties reached an agreement. According to the lawyer of the CBF, Roosevelt Jobim Son, entity accepted for negotiation “big party that is football”.

– Reconciliation is always the best way. A CBF, to meet the people amazonense, decided to reduce by 5% the value of the tickets. For the big party that is football, also offered up a workout of free selection selection. And live football! – Roosevelt declared, the end of the hearing.

A CBF, through counsel, Dr. Carlos Eugenio Lopes, He came forward that hardly would meet the requirements of the Public Ministry, which called discount 60% we values. The application for the reduction would take the cheapest ticket for the match, marketed by R $ 126,50, to R $ 75,90. With the decision of the second and the minimum reduction, the ticket goes from R $ 126.50 to R $ 120, for example.

Situation of tickets after decision
More of 10 thousand tickets have been sold for the game of the day 6. From the decision, those that were sold will be collected and new ones will be issued, this time, with numbering. The amount will be reimbursed. Besides that, The sales, they were suspended, They were released by Judge Monica Cristina.

Understand the case
The high value of the tickets has caught the attention of the Amazon prosecutors, who proposed to Justice, last Monday, one injunction request to suspend sales, which are the responsibility of the CBF. The action started from the 51st Prosecutor's Office Specialized in Consumer Protection, whose holder promoter Otavio Gomes. According to him, MP-AM received several complaints and representations due to the high prices charged for tickets.

The example used in a statement by the public prosecutor is the comparison of values ​​between matches of Manaus and Fortaleza, both the same competition. The greatest discrepancy between the values ​​of Castelao and Amazon Arena is related to ticket (all) the bleachers / upper chair. In Manaus, the value is R $ 253. In Fortaleza, R$ 70.

The Promoter of Justice held that there was no justifiable abusive increase in the collection of tickets for the match. In Civil Action, Otavio Gomes asked the CBF establish adjustment in values ​​and sales stay suspended until the appointment of compatible values ​​with other states.

Whereas the sale of tickets was opened in early June, both physical and online, action asks buyers are compensated with amounts paid “abusive prices”.

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