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Projects of “10 Measures against corruption” MPF was presented in March to Congress.
05/07/2016 09h52 - Updated 5/07/2016 16h11
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Parties that house the main targets of Operation Lava Jato, PMDB, PT and PP has not indicated parliamentarians names to compose the special committee responsible for the conduct of anti-corruption projects in the House.

Two weeks after the authorization to create the collegial, PSC and PCdoB did not show the names.

The lack of information is seen as the reason why the interim chairman of the House, Waldir Maranhão (PP-MA), not yet released the start of work.

Projects of “10 Measures against corruption” They were presented to Congress in March, at the initiative of the Federal Public Ministry and entities which received more than 2 million signatures.

So far, 14 matches (PTN, SD, PRB, PHS, THE, PTB, PR, PSD, PROS, PV, PSDB, PSB, PDT and NETWORK) They presented 18 full members. There are still other 12 names.

According to officers of the House and Maranhão advisors, it waits for all leaders indicate their representatives.

Technicians of special committees, However, They said the college would not be complete to be installed, It depends only on “political will”.

The government leader in the House, André Moura (PSC-SE), He said there is no guidance of the Presidential Palace to give speed the installation of collegiality.

“I had no government guidance, neither favorable nor against. The priority is economic agenda, What is the agenda of the moment, but there is no restriction to this committee”, he said.

former government minister Michel Temer and investigated in Lava Jato, Romero Juca (PMDB-RR) also stresses that the government's priority now is not the anti-corruption measures.”The government's agenda is now economic.”

The leader of the PMDB in the House, whale Rossi (SP), He said it is waiting for the leaders' meeting with the Attorney General's Office, Rodrigo Janot, scheduled for Tuesday, 5, to indicate the names of the party.

“I already have a lot of members wanting to join the committee. I have a date, but I have no request to do something different (statement). I'll have to gather the bench, but there is no resistance, on the contrary, I have to overbooking (overbooking)”, says.

The meeting with Janot is closed and is expected to start at 16h. Before the meeting, allied base leaders meet at the Presidential Palace to discuss with the Minister of the Government Secretariat, Geddel Vieira Lima, the voting agenda of the week.

Among the issues to be discussed is the maintenance or not of an urgent basis of some of the proposals of the anti-corruption package.

But the leader of the PT, He said he had no knowledge that should have mentioned names. “The independence of the Federal Police was an action of PT. We have committed to the fight against corruption”, stated.

The first secretary of the House, Beto Mansur (PRB-SP), dmitiu that there was and is difficult to convince the leaders. “Of course there. Resistance always, but you have to give sequence”, said.

Author of the project, Deputy Mendes Thame (PV-SP), said that, although there strength, the expectation is to get all the names this week.

“Com o PMDB indicando, others will also indicate. Objectively there is an undeniable delay. We present this on the last day of April, been two months of delay, is a long time to form a committee.”

lava Jato

Task Force Coordinator of Operation Lava Jato, Attorney Deltan Dallagnol charges that public support for investigations to be reverted to the measures under discussion in Congress.

“Unrestricted support for Lava Jato, So, It means full support to the fight against corruption. But that full support will not exist, in practice, while not approve the reforms that are necessary for such scandals of corruption that we discovered are not repeated”, says.

To or procurator, the ball is now with Congress. “The body responsible for assessing, by forwarding these measures against corruption and political reform, is Congress. And we already have the movement of several lawmakers who want the adoption of measures against corruption.”

According to him, in his defense by the package, He finds “people who want to work for a better country”, but admits there is still “resistances which come from people who do not want a system that effectively fight corruption”.


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