Pastor accused of abusing stepson gets prison in Rio

Felipe Heiderich left the prison at dawn on Sunday, day 10.
10/07/2016 12h29 - Updated 11/07/2016 07h56
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O pastor Felipe Heiderich, accused of pedophilia against stepson 5 years, It was released this morning the Jailhouse José Frederico Marques (Bangu 10), the Penitentiary of Gericinó, Bangu, in western Rio. The release was confirmed by the State Department of Penitentiary Administration (SEAP).

The agency also said that the pastor, housebound, in Recreio dos Bandeirantes, in west, on Monday (4), is released without the use of anklet. The judge Paulo Cezar Vieira de Carvalho Filho, holder of the 17th Criminal Court of the Capital, determined, no last day 8, equipment use. however, SEAP does not have the anklet, after the state government has stopped the supply for non-payment to the contractor for the service.

in the decision, the judge argued that the pastor was arrested and temporarily as the Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro (MPRJ) He did not request the conversion into custody, he would be released. In addition to the use of electronic anklet, the judge forbade the pastor of approaching the woman, Pastor Bianca Toledo and her son of 5 years. The pastor is accused of committing sexual acts against the boy in various situations. He was denounced by vulnerable rape. The complaint was made by Bianca Toledo, who posted, including a video on social networks on the case.

In the last message posted on his Facebook page, Pastor Bianca Toledo showed a willingness to be silent after the case has been reported in the press. "Let there be light! And silence. Only that", said. "Those who are spiritual only pray without ceasing, because it is what it is up to us to. Let's wait for the justice of God and men ", He said in a previous post.

Source: Agency Brazil

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