Pastor arrested in Rio suspect of raping the stepson 5 years

Felipe Heiderich lawyer used the minister's Facebook profile to state that the accusations are false.
07/07/2016 06h59 - Updated 7/07/2016 14h06
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You are trapped in the prison complex Gericinó, Bangu, River West Zone, o pastor Felipe Heiderich. According to the Civil Police, he was denounced by his wife, also the pastor Bianca Toledo, for sexual abuse committed against her son, a boy of five years.

The pastor was arrested by agents from the Department of Child and Adolescent Victim (DCAV) in the couple's home in Recreio dos Bandeirantes. The prison, occurred on Monday (4), It was ordered by the courts and has preventive, with term 30 days.

According to the Civil Police, Pastor Bianca searched the police station on 22 June to report crime. It was the inquiry and gathered evidence which supported the request for arrest, accepted by Justice.

On the afternoon of Wednesday (6), the lawyer Leandro Meuser used the minister's Facebook profile to say that they are false accusations against his client. Second or advocate, "The police will know to investigate the end clarify the truth".

marriage annulment

With thousands of followers on Facebook, Bianca made public the arrest of her husband and fumed about what happened, claiming to have been cheated. In a post on his profile on the social network, Bianca said it has asked marriage annulment.

"I emphasize that marriage annulment was initiated and becomes legitimate in the face of evidence of a double and immoral life . Contrary promised at the altar and publicly emphasized throughout marriage. The theology of Felipe was perfect, but inside was a fraud. I cheated and deceived all. It's sad, but it is the truth ", said the pastor in his post.

'Latent Homosexuality’

The outburst text accompanying a video in which the pastor says Felipe attempted suicide after abusing his son to surface.

"The day I confronted him he came to confirm with me that he had a latent homosexuality in the current framework of my marriage time with him", Bianca revealed, reiterating the desire to annul the marriage.

Over 3 million followers on the social network, Bianca emphasized that his outburst was a way to maintain transparency with your audience.

“As a mother I can say that my last days were the worst days of my life”, said the shepherdess.

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