Pastor Felipe Heiderich cries video on abuse charges: 'I'm in shock'; watch

Second or pastor, he knew not handle the woman's accusations.
13/07/2016 14h43 - Updated 14/07/2016 07h43
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O pastor Felipe Garcia Heiderich, from 35 years, released, this Wednesday, a video in which talked about the abuse charges against the stepson 5 years, son of pastor Bianca Toledo. recording, the Gospel, who was jailed for five days and, that is why, appears with a shaved head, crying, He said he was shocked by allegations.

“I needed to recover a little. I always thought everyone was innocent until proven otherwise. But, I lived these days, weeks, It is that everyone is guilty until proven otherwise. As you, I was shocked with everything that was said about me and all charges. until the 12, I was in family, happy, ministering in the church, with a child I loved, I loved most in life, I helped create with my wife. no day 14, I'm a statement by her that she had discovered that I was a homosexual and pedophile. she took, She left home with my son and there began the worst days of my life”, says.

Second or pastor, he knew not handle the woman's accusations.

“I was weak. I knew not handle this situation. I do not know who in their right mind could handle this situation. First the shock of finding the child you love was being abused by someone. That, for me, It would be sending messages too quickly… I do not know how to react. Second, that person be you. I cried a lot that day”, remember.

The minister also mentioned that took a soothing prescribed use, but not to kill, as previously said Bianca, more to rest.

“I took two glasses of Rivotril (soothing), one was completely empty and the other was half. I picked up this, I turned and left a little further. Not because I wanted to kill myself, but because I wanted to sleep, sleep. To find that this was something my mind, a mistake any”, says the pastor who adds: “I remember I turned to my wife and asked her if she would not give me the option of doubt, if she would not want to hear that it was one of the biggest potential lies, if it was a plan of Satan”.

The minister also said that his life was difficult after the abuse allegations. “My life turned upside down. I was accused, tried, mistreated, lynched and no one even gave me the benefit of the doubt”, He lamented.
Also in the video, Felipe apologized for what happened.

“I want to apologize to the Church of God because, perhaps, many in the faith who accompany me and accompany our ministry have been weakened. but understand, Excuse me. That was never my intention, but I did not know how to deal… I just wanted to disappear. God did not have to do with me”, says the pastor who is said to be a “shame to the Gospel”.

The minister also pointed out that, at this moment, he's strong keeping to “to forgive” e “prove his innocence”.
“My face ran the world as pedophile. Shouted my name on the street: 'Passes away'. I suffered the prison penalties. […] e, on my last day prison, I was cheered by inmates and police. There is only one official side about abuse. This report says that I'm innocent ', says.

Lastly, the pastor asked for prayers for the truth to come to light. “He (God) will prove my innocence”, ends.

Felipe Heiderich left the prison at dawn on Sunday without electronic tornezeleira. The Court of Rio granted the freedom to minister Felipe Heiderich, but the determination could not be fulfilled because the state is no electronic anklets. Even so, he left the prison without equipment.

See the video:

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