Pauderney asks Joshua Neto as deputy in Arthur plate, at a meeting of DEM in Manaus

Avelino, He declared support for the reelection of Arthur and said it has preference for Joshua Neto as pre-candidate's vice.
22/07/2016 21h47 - Updated 24/07/2016 12h45
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O presidente do DEM, Mr Pauderney Avelino, demonstrated full interest in seeing the president of the Legislative Assembly, Mr Joshua Neto (PSD), as vice presidential candidate on the plate for re-election, Mayor Arthur Neto (PSDB). The statement was made during a meeting, held at night this Friday (22), the Convention Center Jevian, in Vieiralves neighborhood, Central South zone of Manaus.

Pauderney made a speech, during or event, offering full support to management and the Arthur campaign and said he prefers Joshua Neto as pre-candidate's vice. “I want Arthur, you assess the name of our Joshua to compose the mayor plate and vice. I'm sure you will not find better name for this form sheet”, said President of the Democrats.

The Mayor of Manaus, in turn, He said he sees the name of the President of the Legislative Assembly favorably to the post of deputy mayor. “I mean I see his name with greater appreciation, more respect”, said Arthur.

Son of director of the State Court of Auditors (TCE), Joshua Son, Neto is the consensus name among the parties that will form the arc Arthur political alliance and was being worked on behind the scenes since last year. So far, PV, PTN, PRP, PAGE, PTB and PPL confirmed support for the re-election of the mayor. In this election, 60 candidates for councilor must be launched by Democrats.

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