Research focuses on socio-economic profile and knowledge of coastal fishermen

The project is developed within the Federal Institute of Education, Amazon Science and Technology.
12/07/2016 09h47 - Updated 12/07/2016 09h47
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One of the main activities in the Amazon region, very common in the state and divided into three axes: ornamental, edible or commercial and sport, fishing became the main purpose of a research project developed by Professor Adriano Oliveira.

Titled "Socioeconomic Profile and etnoictiológico knowledge of the Middle Rio Negro fishermen, Amazons ", research is promoted by the State Government through the Foundation for the State of Amazonas Research (Fapeam), and aims to describe the social profile, economic and especially ascertain the traditional knowledge of fishermen about fishing, the biology of the species and the perception of the natural stocks in the three axes of activity, in the cities of Barcelos and Santa Isabel do Rio Negro, not Amazonas.

according to Adriano, research is developed with the use of questionnaires that seek to extract the fishing perception of urban and rural. "From the results obtained, you can trace this socioeconomic profile, as well as the perception of the traditional fisherman's knowledge. All this is intended to provide technical and scientific information to assist and support public policies for fisheries management in the region, and foster inclusion and applicability of knowledge of coastal communities in research, with a view to conservation of fishery resources and improving the quality of life of these populations ", said Oliveira.

The project is developed within the Federal Institute of Education, Amazon Science and Technology (Ifam), the pole of Manaus and Presidente Figueiredo, where undergraduate students in research activities, and teachers who work as researchers participating contributing to the study being carried out. besides them, the Federal University of Amazonas (I trust) It is also a partner of this research project, and contributes to the inclusion of graduate students, master's and Ph.D., that they have developed their research activities with funding from PROPESCA / Rio Negro - the Fapeam program under which the project is being developed.
Encouraging research


The Support Program for Research on Fishing in Rio Negro (Propesca / Rio Negro) supports the implementation of projects that contribute to the development and improvement of infrastructure of technical and scientific research in the fishing area, providing support to public policies for the fisheries sector in institutions linked to the Amazonas State Government.

According to Adriano, the support of Fapeam comes from when he was a student and today, as a professional, You can still rely on the institution's incentives, which is funding the research project in this area, in the last years, It has grown considerably in the region. "Fishermen are in constant contact with natural resources, They enjoy nature and routinely have much knowledge about the biology of species of ornamental fish, edible and those used in sport fishing. From this knowledge we can know about the reproductive biology of the species, what they eat, where feed, where and at what time they reproduce, where are born, etc.

This information can be used as an aid sustainability and the conservation and maintenance of local fish stocks that have been used for decades by riparian Amazon”, Oliveira finished.

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