polls have low demand in the Amazon yet

About ten surveys were registered with the Electoral Justice AM so far.
18/07/2016 15h29 - Updated 19/07/2016 10h30
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According to Amazon's Regional Electoral Court of site data (TRE-AM) They were recorded, until now, ten polls in the state. The number is considered low but for the research institutes there are two basic reasons for the fact that they are the vagueness of the candidates since those announced are only assumptions and the lack of money the parties to order research, they also feel the weight of crises, financial and political plaguing the country.

Among the ten registered research at TRE-AM, está a da D.M. Duarte - #Pesquisa 365, registered in Manaus, no dia 11 of May. A DMP Design Marketing e Propaganda Ltda. – ME, recorded three surveys, two in Manaus, in the days 22 February and 23 of June, and on 7 of June, in Coari.

A company J. J. Coelho – ME/ Instituto Phoenix & associates, recorded two surveys in Humaita, one on March 1 and another on 25 of June. The Northern Research Institute (elms) recorded three surveys inside. no day 7 of May, in Parintins, on other 13 of June, in Tefé, is at 15 of June, in Alvarães. RESEARCH NETWORK COMMUNICATIONS DAILY INSTITUTE (IDP) He made the most recent record of a search, no dia 15 July, referring to Manaus.

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