PT dies electrocuted while trying to see Dilma speaking in the Northeast; see video

The man had no identification and suffered a cardiac arrest and head trauma and did not resist.
26/07/2016 13h39 - Updated 26/07/2016 13h39
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A man died on the afternoon of Monday (25), after receiving an electric shock and falling from a post at Praça General Valadão, in Aracaju Center, where away from President Dilma Rousseff was about to start his speech in the act National Day for Democracy.

According to the Mobile Emergency Service (Samu), the man who appeared to be about 25 years, It was unmarked and suffered a cardiac arrest and head trauma and did not resist.

Rousseff arrived in the capital sergipana around 15h30, and headed for the city center and around 16h30 met with leaders of the PT, PCdoB and MST.

In his speech, which lasted for about half an hour, she spoke to hundreds of people and said he is the victim of a scam. "It's a blow with weapons in hand. They are judging me for no crime. Not only the Senate, but the MPF cleared me, but for them it does not matter, what matters is get away from the presidency. Deploy a backdown. Temer will privatize the country. I will not resign, I'm not fragile. I have no account in Switzerland. I position, I'm not prudish ", shot.

“They want to end the More Doctors, stopping you hire Cuban doctors. And they want to prevent the people have health. They want to make a minimum health insurance lead to health of the poor as if it were different from the rich ", said.

During his speech education was criticized. "Several programs are being closed. The Pronatec is practically canceled, because they make no registration. Where does the budget money? The tendency is to take the rights of workers ".

"The non-party education is actually the culmination of the vision that transformed Brazil into a country not developed. They want to turn us into a flock of sheep. This is education without party ".

In her speech she talked about the importance of a country's health and education and reminded of Sergipe political names as governor Marcelo Deda and Senator José Eduardo Dutra.

"Deda sang the soul of Sergipe people of which he was very proud. And one of the things I find stronger in Deda and Ze Eduardo was the courage to face challenges. I'm sure you have many challenges ahead and that you will honor the memory of these two Sergipeans ", highlighted.

"I wanted to embrace each one of you. Embrace the solidarity of women, youth, of blacks and Indians and all minorities. We live in a difficult time in Brazil and is an ongoing coup against the interests of the Brazilian people ".

"I get inspired in the fight you. They can wait seated, for I will not give up this fight. I know you are with me. And that's why, I have the strength to fight. The reason and democracy are on our side ".
According to organizers, 20 thousand people were at the event. The military police did not estimate.

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