Petrobras spent millions with tickets for Salvador carnival to give political

Audits show that head of press was sponsored by state.
21/07/2016 13h39 - Updated 21/07/2016 13h39
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Not the Salvador carnival is off the list of irregularities in Petrobras in recent years. If the last two years the Lava-Jato revealed a multibillion-dollar scheme involving works of state, internal calculations made recently by the company reveal another facet of the spree that occurred there in the fat years.

One of the calculations shows that political, of state leaders and even former private secretary of the president away, Dilma Rousseff, They watched the cabin party at the expense of oil. And still money left to pay for an electric trio whose biggest star cousin of a former head of state. Now, Petrobras says it will try to obtain compensation for losses.

It was the trace sponsorship resources in the carnival that we got to the Tripodão. Petrobras directed, between 2008 e 2015, R$ 880 thousand to the electric trio founded by Francisco Alberto Tripodi Son. The trio Carnival star is his daughter, the singer Viviane Tripodi. Francisco is the first de Armando Tripodi, Petrobras president's chief of staff in the management of José Sergio Gabrielli. In the singer's website, Petrobras logo remains prominent today. The money for the trio was only part of R $ 8,6 million transferred to two family events companies.

Armando Tripodi asked Petrobras resignation in February, after being coercively conducted under the car wash, under the accusation of receiving bribes. The electric trio, in turn, He appeared in a criminal investigation. in May, the Federal Police led to the arrest Marcelo Rodrigues, husband of Viviane, on charges of leading drug trafficking ring. The shed is where the trio was one of the places where drugs were seized. GLOBE tried to contact Viviane and the trio, but received no response. Armando Tripodi was not found.

Another internal investigation Petrobras discovered expenses of R $ 1,15 million with the Bahian carnival tickets, between 2011 e 2013. Five companies were contracted during those years in order to get tickets for the best cabins of revelry. The auditors questioned the distribution of tickets, since the rationale for the acquisition was "relationship action with the public interest of Petrobras".

Dilma confidence employee for more than two decades, Anderson Dorneles, who left the plateau just before the head clearance, He received from Petrobras 36 Tickets cabins, in 2013. The audit assessed the benesse R $ 15 one thousand. He has been quoted in Wash Jet for being a member of the Beira-Rio Stadium bar, the Internacional de Porto Alegre, built by Andrade Gutierrez. Wanted, Dorneles not returned.

The distribution of tickets by Petrobras political privileged Bahian. Janio Christmas, state representative for LWA, I would have received 72 entries only 2011. He acknowledged request, but says not remember how many received.

- If you received, They were for politicians and people linked to the government, even people's own company. Are gone 20, 15, 50, 72, I do not remember - said.

Jonas Paulo, head of the Bahia government representative office in Brasilia, I would have received 42 tickets over three years. He denies that they are so many entries:

- Did I have received!

State Representative Rosemberg Pinto (PT) It was first placed between politicians, with 118 Tickets for the years 2009, 2011 e 2013. In these same years, 40 entries were for Nelson Pellegrino, Current Secretary of Tourism in Bahia. His daughter, Bianca, He received four in 2013. Rosemberg and Pellegrino did not respond.

Petrobras officials and their relatives also enjoyed the Bahian carnival with money from the state. Gabriel Mendes, son Gabrielli, I would have received 52 tickets in 2011 e 2013.

- My son attended the carnival, but I do not believe have been so many tickets. Probably being computed several days and several people - said Gabrielli.

Responsible for hiring companies and distribution of inputs, Darcles de Oliveira Andrade, State Communication of former manager for the Northeast, He got 1.045 entries in three years. Others 1.267 They were distributed to other company employees. these, 254 They were directed to Armando Tripodi, o o do trio Tripodão.

The audit was carried out in a report published by GLOBE in 2014, revealing that Darcles owned two posts hired by Bahian municipalities while was responsible for directing the state funds for them. Petrobras decided to make a fine-toothed comb in Darcles management, coming to reports obtained now by GLOBE. Total, were 12 found "non-conformities". Auditors questioned the undue interference in the granting of sponsorships, payments without proof of service, the concentration of contracts to a select group of companies, among other irregularities. GLOBE found no Darcles.

sought, Petrobras said it "has suspended the purchase of invitations and other forms of participation in the Bahia Carnival, keeping only support african blocks ". The company decided to centralize in her mother "the requirement of consideration of tickets on their sponsorship and all communication area hirings". It is expected to conclude by August the findings. "Petrobras will take all legal measures to seek compensation for damages, in addition to forward the material to the relevant investigative bodies for further action in court ", says excerpt note.

Source: The globe

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