PF triggers operation Ali Baba fraud in Box

Group would have applied strokes in cash and other financial institutions in the State of Bahia.
19/07/2016 10h17 - Updated 19/07/2016 10h17
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Federal police broke out on Tuesday, 19, Operation Ali Baba against the group that would have applied blows to the Federal Savings Bank and other financial institutions in the State of Bahia.

Near 140 Federal police meet 25 arrest warrants – and 10 preventive and 15 temporary -, 28 search and seizure warrants and four forceful warrants in Salvador, Feira de Santana, Seabra, Palmeiras, Monte Santo, President Tancredo Neves and Remanso, all in Bahia.

Until now, according to PF, They were identified 19 companies involved in the scheme, but it is suspected that this number is much higher. Only in the year 2013, They were recorded losses of more than R $ 10 millions.

Second Federal, the group operated from 2006 and acted by "disreputable companies, in the name of “oranges”, with which were obtained sizeable loans from several banks, several banks'.

“after we received, the credits were never returned. The scheme also had people specialized in providing false documents, which made feasible the creation of companies and obtaining fraudulent loans”, points to PF.

Everyone involved should answer for criminal organization and swindling, expected, respectively, in Article 2 of Law 12.850/2013 e 171 the Penal Code.


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