PF determines the arrest of six employees Eletronuclear

Officials integrated the operational core of the company's fraud.
06/07/2016 10h09 - Updated 6/07/2016 10h09
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The Federal Police said six Eletronuclear employees who were part of the operational core of the company's fraud had the preventive detention and the current director was removed by court order.

The PF began on Wednesday, 6, Operation Pripyat, focusing on fraud in the energy sector. One target is the former president of Eletronuclear Othon Luiz Pinheiro da Silva, who is under house arrest.

Admiral is already a defendant in proceedings before the 7th Federal Criminal Court, in the river. Othon Pinheiro is accused of corruption and money laundering, accused of receiving at least R $ 4,5 million in bribes to facilitate the hiring of a consortium responsible for the construction of the Angra plant 3.

The case of the admiral and other 13 accused of participating in the diversion scheme in the works of Angra plant 3, It was under the responsibility of the judge Sergio Moro, that takes care of the shares of Lava Jato in federal court in Paraná.

For determination of the Supreme Court (STF), the case of Radioactivity was moved to the federal court in Rio.

One hundred and thirty federal officers meet, in the State in Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre / RS, beyond six pretrial detention, three others sent to temporary detention, nine forceful and 26 search and seizure warrants, all issued by the 7th Federal Criminal Court of Rio de Janeiro. The action is being held in conjunction with the Federal Public Ministry.

Investigations PF shows that a contractor club acted to divert resources Eletronuclear, mainly for the construction of Angra Nuclear Power Plant 3.

Operation Pripyat clears the corruption crimes, peculation, criminal organization and money laundering, being a development in Rio de Janeiro the 16th phase of Operation Lava named Jet Radioactivity.

The name of the operation refers to the Ukrainian city that has become a kind of “ghost town” after the nuclear accident in Chernobyl.


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