PF does searches on Joesley Batista house, Friboi

Entrepreneur is the target of Operation Sepsis, deployment of Lava Jato investigating kickbacks to Cunha.
01/07/2016 14h29 - Updated 1/07/2016 14h29
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The Federal Police was this morning at the residence of Joesley Batista, member of the group that controls JBS, owner of the Friboi, our gardens, upscale neighborhood of Sao Paulo, where he served a search warrant and seizure operation in Sepsis, deployment of Lava jet in Supreme investigating the fees paid to the Chairman of the House away Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ) by companies that received FI-FGTS fund resources.

Beyond, businessman Henrique Constantino Real Estate, one of GOL's owners, They were also subject to search and seizure warrants.

The operation also raided the Eldorado, empresa da holding J&F, parent company of JBS, which is in the same building as Friboi headquarters in São Paulo, and house lobbyist Milton Lyra. Altogether they were fulfilled one remand warrant, the lobbyist Lucio Bologna Funaro, appointed by the MPF as Cunha operator, e 19 search warrants: 12 in Sao Paulo, 2 in Rio de Janeiro, 3 in Pernambuco and 2 no Federal District.

The operation comes from two winning vigilantism: the former vice president of Caixa Fabio Cleto and the former director of Institutional Relations of Hypermarcas Nelson Mello Group. Cleto claims, in whistleblower, Eduardo Cunha got 1% business R $ 940 million approved by FI-FGTS with Eldorado.

Fabio Cleto told that the negotiation of Eldorado contribution was made with the controller J&F, Joesley Batista, allegedly presented to him by Funaro a dinner at the financial operator.

Besides that, it might be- FGTS had, the end of the year, spent R $ 1,149 billion in debentures of Eldorado Celulose Brazil, as the financial statements of the relevant fund 2015.

In the financial statement quoted states that "the proceeds from this issue are intended for the development of the construction project and implementation of water treatment and wastewater related to the project in the city of Três Lagoas-MS, as well as investment solutions for road and water transport from the station ".

Not Joesley Batista nor Henrique Constantino yet commented on the operation today.

Source: Estadão

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