PF asks indictment of Paul Bernardo for corruption

Bernardo was arrested in June on suspicion of having received R $ 7,1 million bribe.
26/07/2016 17h35 - Updated 26/07/2016 17h35
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The Federal Police requested the indictment of former minister Paulo Bernardo crimes of accepting bribes and integrate criminal organization, as a result of investigations of Operation Cost Brazil, that clears an alleged fraud scheme of R $ 100 million in contracts earmarked loans under the Ministry of Planning between 2010 e 2015.

The request for indictment was forwarded to the prosecutor, it will examine whether the complaint former minister. In addition to the Ministry of Planning, Bernardo has commanded the Ministry of Communications.

no day 23 of June, Paul Bernardo was arrested on suspicion of having received R $ 7,1 million bribe in a scheme involving a software company, a Consist, who ran consigned credit agreements for civil servants. According to investigations, public officials and politicians received illegal payments from the contract made with the company.

The company's services were paid for by a charge of approximately R $ 1 of each of the civil servants who adhered to this type of credit. The survey points out that, that amount, 70% It was diverted to front companies. From two false contracts, resources reached the final recipients, among them the former minister. According to the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) and the Federal Police, Bernardo had personal expenses and election campaigns paid by the corruption scheme.

The arrest was revoked by the Minister of the Supreme Court (STF) On days Toffoli 29 of June.

in a statement, the Paul Bernardo lawyer, Veronica Abdalla Sterman, said former minister was not involved or had "any interference in the execution or maintenance of the technical cooperation agreement between the autonomous Department of Human Resources of the Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management and the banks and pension associations (ABBC e SINAPP). The defense also reiterated that Bernardo has not received any amount of Consist, direct or indirectly.

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