PGE-AM open selection for legal residence; allowance is R $ 2 one thousand

Thirty jobs are being offered in Manaus. Inscriptions began on 4 July and continue until day 12 of August.
08/07/2016 13h41 - Updated 8/07/2016 13h41
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The Amazonas State Attorney General (Intoxicated-general) It is receiving applications for the Legal Residency Program. Thirty jobs are being offered to graduates in Law. Inscriptions began on 4 July and continue until the day 12 of August, the amount of R $ 100, It should be made in PGE-AM headquarters, on Emilio Moreira Street, 1308, Square neighborhood 14, South-Central Zone of Manaus, de 8h as 16h. The scholarship is $ 2 one thousand, with daily schedule of four hours.

The legal residence is characterized as in-service training, covering teaching activities, research and extension, managed by the School of Public Advocacy, not creating employment relationship between the student-resident and Public Administration.

Resident students will attend classes and lectures in Public Law School, and will receive theoretical and practical guidance on the exercise of public law, carrying out activities in support of the State Attorneys, such as legislation research, doctrine and jurisprudence, preparing drafts of crafts, reports, newsletters, promotions, orders and other parts.

The Selection Exam will be held on a single day, lasting four hours, a partir das 13h, no dia 21 of August. program content and other info about can be found at notice.

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