PM holds offenders after robbing the post office, New City

The theft happened in the early hours of Sunday, day 24.
25/07/2016 07h34 - Updated 25/07/2016 07h34
Photo: Press Release / PM

Military Police Company of the 6th Interactive Community, (IDPF), arrested Walace Aguiar Lima, 24 years, Thomas dos Santos, 27 years, and Brenda Costa Araújo, 21 years, after post office robbery, located in the New Town neighborhood, North of Manaus, in the early hours of Sunday (24).

Por volta the 5:30, the vehicle 6083 composed by aspiring PM Kelly, Sergeant PM Palmeiras and the soldier PM Andrews, while patrolling the streets Francisco de Queiroz, set Manoa, New Town neighborhood, They spotted the vehicle Corsa Sedam, color silver plate JXY 3083 in suspicious attitude. Signaled for the vehicle stop, the driver undertook escape toward the Santo Antonio neighborhood.

By the time the car reached the vehicle the driver stopped abruptly and Walace offender tried to flee on foot with a gun in hand. He set off two shots at the car and the police retaliated by targeting it with a shot in one leg.

the arrest was carried out of the offenders who were in the vehicle and the offender who tried to escape and they were found the amount of R $ 5.183,30 e 1 caliber revolver 38 with 4 intact and ammunition 2 ordnance that subtracted from business premises. They also carried a drill, a crowbar, um emery, a hydraulic air system and other materials used to break into one of the agency's walls.

Targeted offender was referred to the SPA Danilo Areosa where he received medical attention and found not run any risk to your health. The trio was presented at the police station of the Federal Police for all court proceedings.

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