by whistleblower, Odebrecht defense gives up request for freedom

The whistleblower according Odebrecht is considered the most explosive of Operation Lava Jato.
18/07/2016 13h56 - Updated 18/07/2016 13h56
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Imprisoned for more than a year in Curitiba, the businessman Marcelo Odebrecht was convinced by prosecutors Operation Lava Jet to give up an order of freedom filed by his lawyer on the last day 5.

The Marcelo Odebrecht were given two alternatives, according to Folha: or withdrawing the request for freedom, or they were closed the negotiations for the award tipoff of deal he is negotiating with prosecutors since March, soon after being sentenced to 19 years in prison.

The withdrawal took place last Wednesday (13), without that prosecutors had assessed the request made by the defense Marcelo.

The lawyer of the executive, Nabor Bulhões, simply referred to the judge Sergio Moro an order stating that failed to ask for freedom of Marcelo “by reason that is under judicial secrecy”.

What is confidential negotiations are the tipoff according, but there was another reason for withdrawal: prosecutors Operation Lava Jet in Curitiba were upset with the request made by the defense Marcelo. They considered that the request was against freedom collaborative climate negotiations that are underway.

The whistleblower according Odebrecht is considered the most explosive of Operation Lava Jato, the number of politicians who will be cited and the posts they occupy or occupied.

There are reports that both exponents of the situation as the opposition will be cited, as former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and Minister José Serra (Foreign), PSDB.

Heir to the largest construction company in the country, which earned $ 132 billion last year, Marcelo was arrested in 19 June 2015 on charges of paying bribes abroad. Later the judge Sergio Moro revoked this arrest warrant and ordered a second, founded in notes found in the phone's notepad Marcelo, with evidence that he could destroy evidence and interfere with the process.

The new order of freedom of Marcelo, the sixth made by his defense, It claimed that these two reasons to prison no longer existed.

Former President of the Odebrecht group was sentenced to 19 years in prison in the first criminal case to which he replied in Lava Jet and is a defendant in two other actions.

Marcelo lawyer said in the request that, as the evidence of two other actions are pretty much the same process that he has already been convicted, It did not make sense to keep the prisoner executive. The exams, after all, They were already with the Federal Police and prosecutors, Bulhões claimed in his application.

Besides that, as Marcelo appeals the sentence, the defense argues that he could do it in freedom. And remember that other convicted contractors, as Leo Pinheiro, da OAS, and Sergio Mendes, Mendes Jr., turn freely and also negotiate the whistleblowing arrangements.

Last month, the two actions in which Marcelo is guilty were suspended because of the denunciation of deal he is negotiating with prosecutors. But, so far, in negotiations of snitching, It did not show any prospects for the executive to leave the prison as soon as the agreement is signed, What has annoyed, according to Folha.

There are attorneys who defend it to stay stuck for a while, as a demonstration of the task force Lava jet will not be tolerant of entrepreneurs who pay billions in compensation fines.

The first amount requested by prosecutors should exceed R $ 6 billion, but Odebrecht states that would not have to pay a fine of this size.

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