Mayor of Rio delivery city key and apologizes to Australians by problems in the Olympic Village

Australia was the first delegation to point out problems in the village, not Sunday (24), and refused to occupy the apartments.
27/07/2016 15h00 - Updated 27/07/2016 17h00
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The mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes, He delivered today (27) the city key to the Head of Mission Australia, Kitty Chieller, who asked for a formal apology for the problems in the Olympic Village and for saying that “I was almost sending putting a kangaroo” in team building door.

Australia was the first delegation to point out problems in the village, not Sunday (24), and refused to occupy the apartments on the opening day of the condominium. Commenting on the refusal, the mayor had said it would appeal to the animal of Australian fauna to leave athletes happy.

“It was not the time to play, So, has generated a misunderstanding”, said Paes. “I came here to make a formal apology. At no time, I wanted to make fun of Australia because of kangaroo. I know this is a symbol of the country. It's like an amulet.”

Paes gave reason to the delegation by complaints about the building. The Australians had stated that there were exposed wires, leakage and private clogged when tested accommodations.

“We have happening failures. There's no denying it. The village was ready long ago and, if we are solving this in five or six days, if I had seen a week before, we would have solved. There was a failure of the organizing committee, but it is a timaço, one people who are working hard”, said Mayor.

The head of the Australian delegation handed Paes one boxing kangaroo [kangaroo boxer] a traditional symbol accompanying the Australian delegation at the Olympic Games since the late 80. In addition to the city's key, Kitty Chieller received a plush doll Vinicius, Mascot River 2016.

“I always say that this is the best town I've been in five Olympics, and I think it will be even”, said Kitty, that considered normal for the need for adjustments in a village with 20 thousand people. “Thank you very much, we are very happy to be here”, She said in Portuguese.

Athlete field hockey, Simon Orchard considered the apology accepted. “We came yesterday [26] at night to the village. It was too dark, So, we had no chance to look. This morning, We strolled, and the village is fantastic. All the problems have been resolved.”

The delegation of Australia already have 50 people in the village and 17 move today to the apartments of the building 23, which are divided with smaller delegations from Oceania – with the exception of New Zealand.

Source: Agency Brazil

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