President of the Supreme Court decides to keep Waterfall under house arrest in Rio

The entrepreneur fulfills house arrest in a hotel in the south of the city.
26/07/2016 17h56 - Updated 26/07/2016 17h56
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The Minister Francisco Falcão, President of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ), denied defense request of businessman Carlos Augusto de Almeida Ramos, known as Carlinhos Cachoeira, so that his house arrest was fulfilled in sus residence Goiânia.

With the decision, the entrepreneur remains in Rio de Janeiro, where he is serving under house arrest in a hotel on Atlantic Avenue, south of the city.

no day 8, Nefi the Lamb minister, do STJ, sent free the prisoners investigated in Operation Marauder, after the defense of the accused filed habeas corpus, after the decision overturned house arrest previously granted to the accused.

As the court is in recess, the full decision not yet published, but it has been recorded in the proceedings underway with yesterday's date (25) and confirmed today (26) the advisory STJ Press.

"Rejected the request of Carlos Augusto de Almeida Ramos (…) and the requests of Correus (…). Granted the request made by federal prosecutors ", He informed the procedural progress.

The businessman was arrested on 30 June during Operation Marauder. According to the advice of the Supreme Court, the decision by the president of the court is also valid for other defendants process.

Source: Agency Brazil

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