President of the ECA speaks Control and Supervision, National Symposium on Anti-Corruption in the AM

Ari Moutinho Junior, He talked about the Control and Supervision exercised by the Court of Auditors in Amazonas.
07/07/2016 17h53 - Updated 7/07/2016 17h53
Photo: Disclosure / TCE-AM

A select audience, judges comprising, judges, delegates, civil and military police, as well as representatives of civil society and law students, business and economics, President of the State Court of Auditors (TCE-AM), Junior advisor Ari Moutinho, He talked about the Control and Supervision exercised by the Court of Auditors in Amazonas, on the morning of Thursday (7). A gym, with 40 duration minutes, It was held at the Tropical Hotel, for more than 600 participants of the 1st National Symposium on Combating Corruption, What happens today.

At the invitation of the National Association of Delegates of the Federal Police, creator of the event, the presiding director Ari Moutinho Junior spoke next to the Minister of the Federal Audit Court (TCU), Bruno Dantas, which held magna lecture, where he addressed about corruption and contribution of control bodies to fight it.

In addressing on Control and Inspection, the counselor said, with the support of slides, advances TEC-AM in recent years and emphasized the partnership that has played together with other organs, as the Federal Public Ministry and State Prosecutor's Office, the Comptroller General, contributed, recently, with operations that resulted in the arrests of mayors and discoveries of millionaires deviations from public coffers.

"Thanks to the pioneering spirit of the Court of Auditors and its excellent staff, we have advanced in inspections in the state and municipalities, identifying problems and helping to fix them. We are members of the Network Control in the state and act in harmony, crossing information. Our work is recognized by partner agencies, both the monthly disclosure of managers with accounts reproved, which is helping to spread the dirty-chips, He made us to be recognized at the national meeting of federal prosecutors ", commented.

to applause, Ari Moutinho Junior advisor finished his speech highlighting the anxiety that has to contribute to a better country through the review carried out by TCE-AM. "We want our generation to contribute to an HDI (Human development Index) growing, that is not only discussed in pre-election periods, because the reality we see is an empty plate. That is why, we seek a more activeness ", said.

The event runs until this Friday (8) with the lecture "Corruption: Legal and Criminal Phenomenon of Our Time ", with Professor Manuel Valente; "Corruption and Criminal System" with Judge TJ / RS, Nereus Giacomolli; "International Experiences in Criminal Investigation", with the police Embassy US, Joel Gomez; "Criminal Organizations and Lava-jet operation with Luciano Flores DPF / PR; and "Organized Crime and Trusteeship to sigils Constitutional" with Dr. Nestor Tavora Bahia.

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