Project in the environmental area of ​​the Public Defender is visited by consultants Innovare Institute and Datafolha

The project promotes actions of environmental and social awareness in the servers, employees and retirees.
06/07/2016 10h15 - Updated 6/07/2016 10h16
Photo: Press Release / DPE-AM

Consultants Innovare and Datafolha Institute Institute are in Manaus on Wednesday (6), knowing the project Defender Conscious, which contributes to Innovare Award for Public Defender. The project, conducted by the Ombudsman Specializing in Environmental and Agrarian Issues Public Defender State (ECD-AM), promotes actions of environmental and social awareness in the servers, employees and retirees.

The Innovare Prize aims to reward and disseminate innovative practices that contribute to improving the quality of judicial services and the modernization of the Brazilian Justice. The design of the DPE-AM competes for the prize with other 37 subscribers across the country in the category Public Defender. Total, the Innovare Award received 482 entries in six categories. No Amazon, eight projects are competing in these categories.

According to the public defender holder Specialized in Environment, Monique Rodrigues da Cruz, the Defense Aware project complements the legal assistance provided by the DPE-AM with social and environmental actions that promote human rights awareness, citizenship and legal system.

In the environmental area, actions include selective waste collection, implemented in all 21 units of the Public Defender in Manaus, whose waste is destined for social organizations dedicated to recycling. There is, still, guidance regarding the proper disposal of waste and lectures and environmental workshops, example those occurring in the Environmental Citizenship Space (Ecam), in partnership with other bodies of the environmental and aimed at raising awareness of the defendant in environmental crimes.

Second Monique Cruz, the project also includes actions in partnership with other DPE-AM units, as the Consumer Protection in Specialized, with guidance on conscious consumption and overindebtedness. There is, still, guidelines on socially sound practices in the environment of work and preservation of environmental and historical heritage of the State.

Project includes donations

In the social area, the project includes books donation actions, shoes and clothes, both social institutions working with children and adolescents, women and elderly, as for assisted DPE-AM in the criminal area. There are books to donate to the project by reading Pena Reference, conducted by the State Department of Penitentiary Administration (SEAP) and social institutions that care for children victims of violence, in partnership with the 1st Public Defender of Children and Youth.

Watched the DPE-AM participating in custody hearings receive donations of clothing and footwear. Equally, these donations reach prisoners receive parole. "Oftentimes, in custody hearings, defendants arrive barefoot or in torn clothes, and receive these donations to have a minimum of dignity. Similarly, prisoners on parole, that must have look for a job, receive such assistance, more appropriate clothing to those who are looking for a place in the labor market ", said Monique Cruz.

According to the public defender, the project seeks to contribute to the mission of the Public Defender to provide the best care to the person, contributing to the exercise of citizenship. "We are taking care of people with rights and not a judicial or extra-judicial processes. Among the various rights recognized and historically conquered, is the environment, one of the human rights of third generation. The balanced environment is essential to quality of life ", he stressed.

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